Kanjanur-Sukra Sthalam-Venus-Navagraha Temple-Kumbakonam

Navagraha : Sukran – Venus – Kanjanur

நவகிரக கோவில்கள் – சுக்கிரன்- கஞ்சனூர் அக்கினீஸ்வரர் ஆலயம் (சுக்கிர தசை )

The navagraha sthala for Sukra Sthalam near kumbakonam is Kanjanoor

Vaitheeswaran Koil located Near Suriyanar Koil. Aduthurai is the nearest railway station.

Distance between Mayiladuthurai  to Kanjanur  – 25 km
Distance between Kumbakonam to Kanjanur – 15 km
Distance between Aduthurai to Kanjanur  – 5 km
Distance between Suriyanarkoil  to Kanjanur  – 3 km

Name of the Main deity : Sri Agneeswarar (அக்கினீஸ்வரர்)

Temple Timing: 7.00 Am – 12.30 pm; 4.00 pm – 8.00 pm
Phone Number : 04354-2473737

Pooja material used for pooja/archana: Flower – While Lotus; Samithu – Athi  Dhaniyam (Grain) -Mochai; Cloth – White colour; Dhoop – Lavangam; Athi Devatha – Mahalakshmi

Atchi : Rishabam and Thulam; Utcham – Meena; Neecham – Kanni;
Friendly Planets – Guru, Chevvai

Shukra is Venus is known as Pure, Bright, Clean and clear. He presides Friday, Sukra-war. The period of Sukra is the most beneficial and profitable. Shukra (Venus) is considered a benefic and rules over the signs Vrishabha (Taurus) and Tula (Libra). It is exalted in Meena (Pisces), and in its fall in Kanya (Virgo). The planets Mercury and Saturn are considered friendly to Shukra, the Sun and Moon are hostile and Jupiter and the rest are considered neutral. In astrology Shukra represents love, marriage, comfort, luxury, prosperity, happiness, harmony, romance and sexuality, artistic talents, the quality of the body and material life, wealth, the opposite sex, pleasure and reproduction, feminine qualities and the fine arts, such as music, dance, painting and sculpture. Those with Shukra strong in their charts are likely to appreciate nature and enjoy harmonious relationship. However, an excessive influence can cause them to indulge too much in the pleasures of life without accomplishing much of real worth. Shukra is the lord of three nakshatras: Bharani, Purva Phalguni (pooram) and Purvashadha (Pooradam). Venus can cause eye diseases, venereal complaints, indigestion, pimples, impotency, loss of appetite and rashes on the skin.

Strong Houses: 1, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12 Weak Houses: 6, 8 Medium House: 2, 3, 7

In Vedic astrology, there is a dasha or planetary period known as
Shukra Dasha
which remains active in a person’s horoscope for 20
years, this is the longest dasha among all planets. This dasha is believed to give more wealth, fortune and luxury to a person’s life if they have Shukra positioned well in their horoscope. In addition Shukra is an important benefic planet in the horoscope. Shukra is associated with a month in the Hindu calendar called JyeshTha ( May-June, personified as the guardian of Kubera’s treasure).

Consort Sukirthi & Urjaswathi
Color White/Yellow
Gender Associated Female
Element Water
God Indrani
Pratyadi Devataa indra
Metal Silver
Gemstone Diamond
Body Part Semen
Taste Sour
Food kidney beans
Season Spring
Direction South East
Day Friday

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