Gajalakshmi for Wealth and Prosperity

(Gajalakshmi, the ultimate sign for Prosperity in Hinduism.  Know how to empower the Gajalakshmi picture by yourself and enjoy Sakala Sowbagyam (all luck) in all your endeavours) 

What do you get with the powerful Gajalakshmi?
Sakala Sowbagyam : All Luck in every aspect in our life
Prosperity: Wealth, Profits, Affluence, Abundance, Richness.
Green Signal: Welcome sign for Lakshmi to enter and stay for ever
Filter Bad Omen: Filter Evil spirits, negative thoughts entering our premises Vasthu remedy: Chepest yet powerful remedy for all vasthu problems. 

Do You know: Placing Gajalakshmi in front of our house helps to improve money inflow, diminish the losses, and improve the financial situation. Overall, gajalakshmi helps to improve our wealth and Prosperity. Read more for procedures… [NOTE: Mantra Powered Gajalakshmi Pata for Prosperity taken from pooja after japa performed for 108 days (10008 Gayatri, 10008 Mahalakshmi Gayatri & 100008 Mahalakshmi Moola Mantra).are available for anyone who wish to benefit. Please read below for more details ]


Gajalakshmi-TempleBrief about Gajalakshmi: Every prosperous  temples in Tamilnadu invariably have one thing in common. Gajalakshmi Statue on top of the Main entrance and also every where a deity (god) is placed.(Gajalakshmi, is one form of lakshmi,  seated on a lotus in Padmasana Yogic Posture, flanked on both side by elephants pouring water, having four hands (each of her upper pair of arms carries a lotus, and the lower hands are generally shown in abhya and varadamudra). This aspect of Lakshmi is representation of prosperity, good luck, abundance, Vasthu, Filter and Noble sign. and the Gajalakshmi motifs are very common in Hindu and Buddhist Temples) 


How to empower the Gajalakshmi Pata (Photo)with mantras?

(You can empower the Gajalakshmi yourself with necessary mantras as given below)

Buy a Gajalakshmi (lakshmi with 2 elephants on the sides) Picture from near by shop and keep it in the pooja.

Do the following continuosly for 108 days to make the Gajalakshmi powerful.

1. Chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times:

Om bhur bhuvah Svahtat savitur varenyambhargo devasya dhimahidhiyo yo nah prochodayat(While Bathing with water cleans our outer body, Gayatri mantra cleans the inner part i.e., mind.) : (Time :10 min.)

2. Chant Mahalakshmi Gayatri 108 times

Om Mahadevyaicha Vidhmahe
Vishnu Pathniyaicha Dheemahe
Thanno Lakshmi Prachodayath.

(time taken : 10 min.)

3. Recite Mahalakshmi Moola Mantra 1008 times

Om Sreem Hreem Sreem Kamale Kamalalaye Prasida Prasida Sakala Sowbhagyam Dehi Dehi Om Sreem Hreem Sreem Om Maha Lakshmiyai Namah:(time taken : 100 min.) (Total 2 hours daily for 108 days)

(We add the second sentence Sakala Sowbhagyam Dehi Dehi which means requesting Goddess Lakshmi to give all luck: sakala-all; Sowbagyam-luck; dehi-give;)(Why 1008 japa: As per shastra, for siddhi (to attain), we need to do japas in Lakhs. So we insist all to do any japa minimum 1008 times for 108 days to complete atleast 1 lakh japas)

(We chant mantras with Gajalakshmi and offer it to those who need it. The procedure and the cost to get the powered gajalakshmi is given at the bottom)

After powering the Gajalakshmi, what to be done?  

Only Powering Gajalakshmi may take hours. Once powered, we can use the Gajalakshmi forever and get all luck in simple steps.

It just takes 5 minutes every week. So simple. Procedure given below.



Left side picture is tanjore painting which is not available as it is getting broken while in transit. Only right side one (Tanjore Plate – silver foil Gajalakshmi) is available.

Step 1  Place the Gajalakshmi Photo (Pata) on top of the main door (facing outside)

Step 2. Every Friday (and ausipicious-festival days), clean (or wipe) the Gajalakshmi Photo with water. Apply Turmeric/Kumkum/Sandal on Gajalakshmi and keep some flower on top.

Step 3: Also clean or wipe the main door frame and all our door frames (rooms) with a wet cloth.  Apply Kumkum/Turmeric/Sandal on the door frames too.

Step 4: Show Aarathi, Dhoop etc to Gajalakshmi and the door frames (both main and each room)

(Why we need to do this? As per our Hindu Veda Shastra, Goddess Lakshmi stays at the door frame and let only good things inside our house if we follwed the procedure as detailed above.)

How to buy this Powered Gajalakshmi Pata:

Please note: Gajalakshm pata may vary depends upon the availability as we buy only limited number of Gajalakshmi Photo and keep it in the pooja.

Cost Breakup

Particulars  108 days
Cost of Gajalakshmi Pata (approx.) Rs.270
Pooja items (flower, dhoop, Fruits, Naivedyam (prasadam or food) etc) Approx. Rs.10 per day for 108days Rs.1080
Dakshina (Remuneration) for performing mantra japa @ Rs.5.25 per day Rs.567
Postage (within India) Rs.200
Total (INR) within India Rs.2117

The above amount mentioned is the actual cost incurred and are meant for despatch within India only.

Outside India: People from outside India, need to pay US$100 

(Please note: We are not manufacturing this Gajalakshmi Patas. We buy only limited Gajalakshmi patas from Shops and perform the japa for 108 days. Everytime the gajalakshmi Pata (Photo) may change and the picture shown above are indicative purpose only.)

If any one interested in this mantra powered Gajalakshmi, can request srivathsan@swayamvaraparvathi.com 

How to send Payment

Option 1: You can transfer funds online to ICICI Bank a/c :You can transfer funds online to : SRIVATHSAN KRSIHNASWAMY – ICICI A/c No.0014 0102 3224 (Branch: Srirangam; IFSC Code: ICIC0006125 and send your details to: srivathsan@swayamvaraparvathi.com alongwith your address)

Option 2: If you are living outside India, you can transfer funds through Western Union Money Transfer. (Send your details through email srivathsan@swayamvaraparvathi.com ) or paypal or any other legal money transfer method.

In favour of K.SRIVATHSAN to the following Western Union Agent at Trichy.

Option 3: You can also send through PAYPAL. Paypal id ::: srivathsan@swayamvaraparvathi.com

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Option 4: You can send a DD/Cheque in favour of K.SRIVATHSAN payable at Trichy and can be sent alongwith your required details to our address:

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