Guru Peyarchi Parihara Japa Pooja – Guru Archana

Guru Peyarchi Preethi Parihara Japa Pooja – Guru Archana – Guru Shanti Pooja

Ultimate and Sūkṣmā सूक्ष्म Parihara to solve your problem

Note: We are not continuing the Guru Japa / Parihara as we find it difficult to do many poojas and to send Prasad. After we made the Mrityunjaya japa 125000 free for Terminally or Critically ill patients like Cancer patients, hundreds of people join every month and we find it difficult to send the Prasad in time for many. Since, this Pooja is very important for many, we are stopping the guru parihara. But Swayamvaraparvathi Pooja for Marriage / Matrimony Problems, Kubera Yantra Pooja for Money will be performed as usual.

Guhya Parihara (गुह्य परिहार) Mystical or Secret Parihara with Rahasya Vrata ( रहस्यव्रत )

We suggest one most powerful Suksma Parihara to help you overcome your life-threating problem.
This parihara looks very silly or easy but very powerful and effective with respect to the desired result. But once they succeed, most of the people never fulfill their Vrata or vow (a promise made during the crisis)

I tried to write it but find it difficult to write or communicate in words. Hence, I decided to upload a small video about the same soon.

But regular visitors, who knew us and have faith in us can call me @ 9944888886 if their problem is very serious to know more about this Mystical Parihara before I upload the video.

Sorry for the inconvience.

Thank you.

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