Yantras, Energization of Yantras with proper mantra

What is Yantra? Why it is made up of Copper? What is energization of Yantra?

When we do japa (prayer) or Homa in our home, we can feel the vibration. In the temple, we feel the vibration. But we are not able to extend the positive vibration for a much longer period.

Slowly negative vibration creeps into our head.

Hindu Saints found an idea to store the vibration for a much longer period. They used panchloga (5 materials viz., Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron and Lead… all are very good conductors of
Energy) to make idols.

Gold and silver are costlier. Copper is the second best conductor of energy after Silver but much cheaper than silver. So it is widely used as a medium to store/save the Vibration of Mantra
for a longer period of time in the form of Yantras made up of Copper.

Energization of Yantra: Saving the postive Vibration of Mantras in the Yantra is called Energization of Yantra.  Correct mantras for the Yantra need to be chanted with requisite number of Time. This is what is called energization of Yantra. It is of no use to keep an yantra which are not energized.

Yantras which is powered (recited) with proper mantra is God itself. We Install the god/goddess in their respective Yantra with the  proper mantra. In the temple, actually the power is rested in the Yantras placed in the Karba-graha (sanctum sanctorum). As everyone cannot go and see the yantras, an idol is placed on top of the Yantra to denote the place of Yantra. We can change the idol if it is broken as long as the yantra is kept properly.

Energized Yantra: We offer Yantras only after Energization of the Yantra (Saving the vibration) with proper Mantra with requisite number of times it is being chanted correctly with
appropriate method as per shastra.

Presently we offer this following Yantras. Proper Mantras are recited to install the God in the respective Yantras. These yantras are as good as the God and we can pray the God with their respective Mantras.

Cost: Always we charge on cost-sharing basis. (Total Expenses / number of Yantras + Dakshina). This is the reason almost all our charges are very less.

When everyone charge Rs.2000 for 2 hours japa, We charge Rs.2010 for 2 hours * 108 days (swayamaparvathi mantra japa for marriage).

The main intention of both Swayamvaraparvathi.com  & Swayamvaraparvathi.org is to motivate
people to try and do the japa themself to enjoy the vibration personally. If not, they can solicit our help at very minimal cost.

Our brahmin Matrimony, matrihelp.com is purely free matrimony website for brahmins.

We propose to introduce Free Matrimony service for all community soon.  We seek your blessings for this service.