About us: Swayamvaraparvathi.com is an extended service of Matrihelp.com, an exclusive mantrimony for the community of Priest, Purohit and Pandits called Tamil Brahmins. Brahmins are the caste or community in India, whose basic duty includes learning Vedas, Chanting Mantras and Performing Poojas in the temles.(To Know more about Brahmins vist Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brahmin ).

Swayamvaraparvathi.com helps all Human Being to enjoy all the Four important aspects of a Successful Life with the help of Hindu Mantra Japa.

  1. Education:Good Education and Successful Career
  2. Family: Early Marriage, Children and happy married Life.
  3. Health: Disease and ailment free life
  4. Wealth : Decent Salary, Wealth and Prosperous life style.
  5. Future: To know what’s in store for us and be prepared.

Advise: We have plenty of Gods, Mantras, Slokas, Procedures, rituals etc. etc. What we do is either searching for a powerful one or trying everything. STOP THIS PRACTISE IMMEDIATELY. Please take the advise from a reliable source and start following it till you succeed. (All gods and mantras are powerful. God never Fail. It is our trust, effort and confidence in the God and Mantra fetch us the result.)

To the best of my knowledge, I had given the best available procedure for each of the four parts of Life. If you still unsettled for the perfect solution for your problems, you can follow our advise.

Swayamvaraparvathi being started as an initiative to remove fears in reciting Hindu Mantras and to encourage every human being irrespective of caste, creed, religion and country to enjoy and experience the vibration of Hindu Mantras. 

Any help, problem, doubts or clarification, please feel free to contact me.

SrivathsanS3, Bharath Castle,Old EB Office Road,Srirangam,Tiruchi 620006.(India code 0091) Phone: 99 44 88 88 86 / 87540 10850 srivathsan@swayamvaraparvathi.com

If you have any kind of fear in God or mantras or rituals, please read further to clear your doubts.

NO FEAR: Remove all your fear about Mantras, Gods, rituals etc. You can do it yourself. Chanting mantra japa is very easy and simple. Hinduism is so flexible that any good things in the name of God (arpanam) will be accepted equally irrespective of the size, value, creed, caste, community, custom, character, age etc (Sarvam Krishnarpanam, Sakalam Krisnarpanam)

This website started by a leading Brahmin matrimony to remove the fears in general public in reciting Hindu mantras as it is being told wrongly that mistake in pronunciation will lead you into troubles. (If so, then how a deaf and dumb can pray?)

Please keep it in mind: Hindu God and Goddess are magnanimous as our mother. When a new born cry in any sound, mother understands the meaning of the cry and gives milk or water as per it needs. Just like mother, Gods also can understand our cry with the sound of mantra and gives us what we want.

Crying baby gets the milk: Only when the baby cry (in any sound), the mother understands that the baby is hungry. Alike, we need to cry (in the form of prayers) to divert the attention of Gods towards us and also to remind him our need.

If God helps only those who knows veda and pronounce mantras perfectly, then how can a deaf and dumb, an illiterate (Eg. kalidasa) pray? How Valmiki (a highway robber) able to write Ramayana? So dont worry about unknown slokas. Learn any simple japa mantra as per your need (Marriage, Health, Education etc) and practice it as prescribed (count, time, days)

It is not correct that god can understand only the words of learned pandits and purohits or saints etc. God always and only see the love, affection, sincerity, confidence and the dedication of the devotee than the skills, knowledge and the talent of the person.


Slokas, Stothras, Vedas, Bhajans, Songs etc requires teacher, method, memorise, need to be practised in a particular place (like temple, pooja rooms etc).

If you wish to relate performing Mantra to something, the nearest is COOKING:

Mantras are just like cooking. (either you can try new recipes by yourself or eat the food prepared by others from the hotel. You can pray yourself or always depend on others.)

When you try cooking by yourself:

1. First time, the taste may not be good, but over the period you will become a master.

2. You can enjoy the preparation and be proud of what you did. (satisfaction)

3. You can entertain your family members with your skills slowly.

3. Risk: The maximum loss is the cost of the material and the time spent. But you will learn from your mistake and become a master sooner. So, the loss is temporary (1 or 2 times) whereas the benefits are there for ever.

When you perform mantras or japas by yourself:

1. You may find it difficult to pronounce initially but will become a master sooner.

2. All the mistakes will be pardoned by God.  (Atleast while cooking a new dish, when there is a mistake, comments may arise from family members.). Here you cannot even hear a murmur.

3. Even if there is not difference costwise when you do it yourself or through others, but when you do it yourself, you can enjoy the vibration.

3. Risk: Nothing. Do not worry or have fear. God is much more lovable than your husband. God is like our mother. Always pardon us for our mistake. So, whatever we gives with sincerity, will be taken graciously by the God and you will be benefitted.

Then why are you depend on others when you can do it. Please do it yourself. Any help, please feel free to write to us. srivathsan@swayamvaraparvathi.com



  1. Hi i am shanmugasundaram aged 69 years suffering with copd stage 4 . I was admitted at hospital for 12 days and 5days in ventilator.kindly make for my sake miruthunjaya japam.thank you

  2. Hello sir..my brother is suffering from psoriasis.. Please I want mrutunjaya mantra to be done.. Plz help him sir

  3. Namaskaram madam/ sir…
    M so desperate in my life from childhood I don’t know what the wrong deed I done my past… I couldn’t right Take decisions at right time I do confused in everything my mind is never stopped evry Time is gone babbling in my mind. Always I loaded with tension…many of hurdles and discrepancies have been situating at my every path life… But 3 to 4 years m totally desperate and feeling so obnoxious..2013 I fired from my job. And I hv been sick from that time many Time I had to admitted at hospital 🏥 still m suffering,my health is very worst… I want to do a lot of things but always got failed. I m getting bad and horrible dreams like ghost and massacre etc…m so feel fear please help me…

  4. Dear madam
    good evening
    I am krishnamurthy (06/06/1972) Revathi Nakchatra, Meena star
    till now i have not settled in my job. now also the present company asked me to go and up to 30th september i can work
    from when i will get job
    for that what mantra i have to say
    i have two daughters and they are studying and i dont no when i am going to get settled

  5. Respected Sir,

    I, Arindam Chakraborty, my DOB is 15.09.1975 (40 years) and birth time is 17:15 (P.M. )
    When will I get married?

    I am afraid whether my marriage will happen or not?

    My details :
    DOB = 15th September, 1975
    Place= Kolkata, West Bengal

    I wish to perform japa through Yourself.

    I want to send money for the swayambhara parvathi pooja.

    Pls send mail to me about further details.

    Please advice

    Thanks and Regards,

    Arindam Chakraborty

  6. Sir,

    I am giving below the details of my son.

    Name : Jeevithiesh
    Date of Birth : 03-06-1999
    Place of Birth : Ambattur, Chennai
    Rasi : Makara
    Nakshtra : Uttarashada

    He is studying 12th class in Hyderabad. Until 10th class he studied well and got good ranks and medals. Now even though he is working hard he is unable to get good ranks. It worries him and me also.
    Please advise me what to do spiritually.

    Thanks & Regards.

  7. Respested sir,
    I’m Nithya from erode district. I got married in 2011 , between me n my husband often misunderstanding, n he s not caring me nowadays. This pooja can solve my problems n make my life happy with my husband means what i should do pls, email me .. Sir ..

  8. Resp. Sir ( Mr. Srivathsan) ,


    I want to , request you to perform the Swayamvaraparva mantra japa for my sister.

    Kindly, can you please let me know, what details ( gothra , gan ) should I provide you, to perform this puja.

    Request you to reply.


      1. Resp. Sir ,
        I have sent a mail , to the mentioned mail id on Friday 17 July 2015.
        Request you to kindly reply my mail.
        Mrs.Malobika Hom

        1. Resp. Sir,

          Today (23 July 2015) I have deposited the amount for Swayamvarspar mantra japa.

          Japa to be performed for Miss Dipshika Ray.

          I have sent you mail & details for puja. Kindly , request you to reply my mail.

          Malobika Hom,

  9. Hi my name is smitha I was born in November 7 1985 I am in love with a person I want to get him married with him .But he also likes me shat I can do to get married to him I love him a lot tell me something that he should really marrie me very happyely love him from 7 years even he knows that but he shows some interest something and sometimes not please help me he is my life

  10. I just saw this site today. I am a Hindu, living in America. I agree with this site 100%. I am also a Brahmin and I love what you said about praying. Each person prays in their own way and God will accept. When I first started
    Praying I didn’t know if I did it wrong or right but I got signs from God that I was doing everything right. It’s just like learning. Everyone has to start somewhere and then the more you practice the better you get. It has been 18 months and I have been able to clear all my Grahs, remove black
    Magic and make potent spiritual baths. Which has all helped
    Me to remove negativity, Jadoo and bad luck. Now everyone wants to know what I did. Get a rudraksha bead and pray. That is how you pray to God.

    Om Namah shivay.

  11. Sir, I am thula-swathi 2-3-94 I lost my love 2days back its make me very bad I feel very upset . he loves me but suddenly he went to his 1st lover who was seperated before. Suddenly he left me. I truly love him and I want him so please help me.

  12. Dear Sir,

    I am Sridas from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. For the past 7 years, I am going through a tough time financially and lots of marital problems in my life. I am not sure what went wrong, my quality of work went down, I was fired from the company, and then again I got a job, which is not well paying though, so I had to quit the job and tried my luck in business, and even it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to be. Now, I am starting an import and export business. Will I be able to overcome my difficulties. My DOB: 27/11/1976, TOB: 11:55 a.m. POB: Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I am right now going through the last lapse of Jupiter Mahadasa with Rahu Antradasha. If any fees to be paid, please let me know, so that I can transfer the money to your account. Expecting a positive reply.

    Thanks and Regards,

    S. Sridas

  13. Dear Sir


    My details :
    DOB = 10th April 1967
    Place= Kurnool
    Nakshatra= Revathi

    My Ex-Wife = Moola star

    Since 2011 I am facing family problems – marriage problems. Now Divorce is done. Last 2 years heavy heavy loss in terms of money in all ways and working away in different city from family.
    Now I am looking for job. MyHome need to sell to pay my ex-wife share; My credit rating is seems bad now; Mental tension last few years.
    Currently I am living in Sydney in Australia; I have two boys – Shivam 12yrs and Abhishek-19yrs

    Now I want to sell house – give my ex-wife her share – take my money and leave the country and go and live another country and see a good gal and marry.
    i know – Asthama Sani is on.

    Please advise what shud I do.


  14. Am native of HYDERABAD, i had visited the Thiruthini and i am waiting for new job, please advice any MANTRA or PUJA to perform well in life.

  15. Iam a kanni raasi person. i finish my degree in 2013. but i cant get the job.so please tell me my future job getting. which job i will get?

  16. I would like to have sathuru samhara yantra made as a talisman( thayatu) is it possible.And also the cost for it. Regards Vig

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