Rahu Ketu Yantra

Rahu Ketu Parihara preethi Mantra Yantra (Rahu Ketu Sarpa Dosha Parihara Yantra )

Legend: Rahu gives in abundance and spoil our life towards the end of the period whereas ketu spoil our life and finally gives knowledge. 

Rahu & Ketu, most powerful planets among all, but neither has own house. Hence they take the characteristics of the house they reside. Ketu is the most powerful planet out of the nine planets and Rahu follows it in the powerful list.

Generally it is advisable to do prayers/parihara to both Rahu-Ketu.

Rahu  Adhidevatha – Prayer – Mantra – Days – Parihara

Adhidevatha: Kali or Mariyamma. Rahu Parihara Temple : Kalahasthi, Thirunageswaram, Nagerkoil, Thirupampuram.Days & time : Tuesday&Saturday.   RahukalaRahu Beeja Mantra : Om braam breem braum saha rahave namaha’Rahu Stothram  :Ardha Kaayam Mahaa Veeryam Chandra- Aditya VimardanamSimhika Garbha Sambhootam Tam Rahum Pranamaamyaham(meaning: Salutation to Rahu, who has a half body and a great hero, who hurts Sun & Moon and born out of Simhika.)Rahu Gayatri : (to be recited 18000 times preferably with black full-round Urid Dal)

om naakadhwajaaya vidmahae

padma hastaaya dheemahi

tanno raahu: prachodayaat

(Meaning: Om, Let me meditate on him who has snake in his flag, Oh, He who has a lotus in his hand, give me higher intellect, And let Rahu illuminate my mind.


Kethu  Adhidevatha – Prayer – Mantra – Days – Parihara

Adhidevatha: VinayakarKethu Parihara Temple : Kalahasthi, Keezhaperumpallam (Near Poompuhar) Nagerkoil, Thirupampuram.Days & time : Tuesday and Saturday.  Ketu Beeja Mantra : ‘Om shraam shreem shraum saha ketave namaha’Ketu Stothram  :

Palaasha Pushpa Sankaasham Tarakaa Graha Mastakam

Roudram Roudraa-tmakam Ghoram Tam Ketum Pranamaamya-ham

Meaning: Salutations to Ketu,Who has an appearance of a Palashaa flower, has a star on his head and terrible at look and who is ugly and the soul of Terror.

Ketu Gayatri : (to be recited 7000 times, preferably with horse-gram)

om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae

soola hastaaya dheemahi

tanno ketu: prachodayaat

Meaning: Om, Let me meditate on him who has horse in his flag, Oh, He who has a trident in his hand, give me higher intellect, And let Kethu illuminate my mind.

If you are not able to perform, you can opt for Rahu – Ketu Yantras:

Rahu–Ketu Mantra Japa – Yantra – Parihara Details: (queries to yantra@swayamvaraparvathi.com)

Please Note: As it is difficult to perform Rahu + Ketu Gayatri (1008+1008) every day for 550 days continuously as the cost will be too expenses, we are offering an alternative to those who wish to escape from the clutches of Rahu-Ketu with prayers but not able to perform the prayer themselves.

Rahu – Ketu Yantras: We have done 18000 Mantra Japas for Rahu Yantra and 7000 Mantra Japas for Ketu Yantra (the numbers are as per the Shastra Pariharas) with their favourite prasad (Black Full Urid Dal (Karuppu Muzhu Ulundu) for Rahu and Horsegram (Kollu) for Ketu). These are done after chanting the mantras for their respective Adhi Devada’s – Mariyamma for Rahu & Vinayaka for Ketu.

Yantras kept @ Grahas and its Adhi-Devathas feet for blessings: After performing the japa, the Yantras were kept at the feet of Rahu (Thirunageswaram) and Ketu (keezhaperumpallam) and archana was done on 25th Dec. Tuesday. Then the yantras were kept at their athi-devatha viz., Rahu Yantras @ Samayapuram Mariamman’s lotus feet and Ketu Yantra @ Tiruchi Rockfort Malaikottai Manikka Vinayakar’s feet for their blessings on 27th December Pournami day.

Rahu Yantra Mantra Pooja
Rahu Yantra Mantra Pooja
Ketu Yantra Mantra Pooja
Ketu Yantra Mantra Pooja
Yantra in Wallet
Yantra in Wallet








What is Yantra: As per hindu shastra, the mantras and its vibration cannot be preserve for many hours/days without an instrument made up of Gold/silver/Copper/Bronze. So we use God in idols/yantra form to preserve the mantra vibration forever by proper maintainance. Here we use copper yantras while doing these 25000 japas.

Yantras which is powered (recited) with proper mantra is God itself. We Install the god/goddess in their respective Yantra with the  proper mantra. In the temple, actually the power is rested in the Yantras placed in the Karba-graha (sanctum sanctorum). As everyone cannot go and see the yantras, an idol is placed on top of the Yantra to denote the place of Yantra. We can change the idol if it is broken as long as the yantra is kept properly.

These yantras are actually Rahu Bhagwan and ketu Bhagwan themselves and we can pray them as we may not able to go to temple everyday.

Size and usage of the Yantraa: Size is 2” x 2” and made up of Copper. Both need to be carried and can be kept in the wallet (purse). (Picture – Size of the Yantras given at the bottom of this page)

Package and how to use : As yantras has to be kept wrapped in Silk cloth, these two Yantras were packed in a Red colour Pure Silk cloth for Ketu Yantra and Black cotton-silk for Rahu Yantra (as original silk in black colour is not available as it is very rare silk saree available in black).

Kindly keep it in wallet wrapped in a silk cloth always. Please do not carry the yantra in inauspicious occasions. If  situation arises where you had been to a inauspicious place, dont worry. Kindly wash the yantra with milk and water the next day, dry and wrap and keep it in wallet again.

The cost breakup of the Yantras are as follows:
                                                              Rahu Yantra                       Ketu Yantra

Cost of Copper Yantra                               Rs.30                                      Rs.30

Cost of Daily Pooja Material                     Rs.360                                      Rs.140

Dakshina (Fees)                                      Rs.251                                    Rs.251

Regd Postage (within India)                      Rs.  50                                     Rs. 50

Total Cost                                              Rs.691                                     Rs.471

How to Pay: You can send a cheque in favour of “K.Srivathsan” (if it id DD, kindly make it payable at Tiruchi) alongwith your name & address to us : K.Srivathsan, S3, Bharath Castle, Old EB Office Road, Srirangam, Tiruchi – 620006. Tamilnadu. for queries :yantra@swayamvaraparvathi.com Phone : 9944888886.


Or You can transfer funds online to : SRIVATHSAN KRSIHNASWAMY – ICICI A/c No.0014 0102 3224 (Branch: Srirangam; IFSC Code: ICIC0006125 and mail your address to yantra@swayamvaraparvathi.com


People from Outside India:

We humbly request you to kindly buy these yantras through your relatives in India and request them to send it to you as not only it will be cheaper for you but also it will be easier for us too.


In case if you don’t have any relative in India, then kindly send US$50 for each Yantra through paypal only. Paypal id:Srivathsan@swayamvaraparvathi.com and can mail your address to yantra@swayamvaraparvathi.com