Guru Peyarchi Palangal Guru Peyarchi Prediction for Mesha Rasi

Guru Peyarchi Prediction 2018 – 2019 for Mesha Rasi (Aswini, Bharani & Karthikai (1); 
Guru Peyarchi Palangal 2018 – 2019 for Mesha Rasi (Aswini, Bharani & Karthikai (1)
Guru Peyarchi – Guru Transit – 2018 – 2019 from Thula Rasi to Viruchika Rasi.

Period: 04th October 2018 to 29th October 2019 as per Vakiya Panchang which is widely followed in the temples.  (As per Trikanitha Panchang, it is from 11th October 2018 to 4th November 2019)

Gurupeyarchi Prediction 2017-2018 for Mesha Rasi in Brief:

What is Yantra? | Guru Yantra | Shani Yantra | Rahu-Ketu Yantra

Health deteriorate.. Relationship sore.. Expense mount::  Astama Guru (Guru in eight place) which is your ayul Stanam is not good especially for your health. Medical expenses will mount. Life is at risk for few. Relationship will take a beating.  Better be insured as early as possible. We humbly request people who born in Mesha (Aries) to appease Guru either through chanting Guru gayatri or by doing pariharas. It is also highly advisable to visit to Guru/Dakshinamurthy on Thursdays.

“Astrology is like a Road Sign, alert our problem before & make our life Safe” – Swayamvaraparvathi

Note:  We have given the predictions as per the shastras. We have not added any of our masalas. When there are problems in store for you, we have given it “AS IT IS” to make you prepare for it and escape from the losses. It is not to threaten you but to alert you and make you prepared. Please treat this as a Caution Board on the highways to alert you (and not to frighten you) and make your life safe.

Example. If job is at stake, exercise caution with your boss. Even if there is a unwanted transfer, accept it. Do not take any hasty decision. Pray Guru Bhagwan, do Parihara, and wait ! Things will change sooner.

Brief analysis of Last year (2017-18): Last few months, Guru was in 7th house i.e., Kalathra Sthanam. Subha kariyams (Good events), marriages happened. Newly married couples had given birth to baby. Relationship with friends & family were outstanding. Money flow was satisfactory. Many of you might have attended religious functions. Travelled a lot. Generaly the period should be OK for many. If there were any problems exist last year, it was not because of Guru, but due to the effect of other planets. Ok, it is of no use talking about good things happened in the past. Lets see the Guru peyarchi prediction for Mesha Rasi for the period October 2018 to October 2019.

Gurupeyarchi Prediction 2018 – 2019 for Mesha Rasi in detail

GuruPeyarchi Palangal 2018-2019 (Jupiter transit predictions 2018-2019) for Mesha Rasi: Now Guru is coming to your eight house. (Ayul Sthanam). Guru Peyarchi is not good for Mesha (Aries). Astama guru always gives problem to health & wealth. Not a good sign for people who born in Mesha (Aries) esp. for old people, woman & children. Medical expenses mount heavily. Life is at risk for few. Better prepared and subscribe to Medical insurance for any emergency.

Relationship definitely become worser. Avoid unnecessary arguments. Expenses will increase but revenue either will remain same or comes down. Spend judiciously. Try avoiding loans. Please appease Guru Bhagwan by chanting his Guru Gayathri Mantra atleast half an hour daily or do some pariharas or atleast visit Guru Sthala viz., Alangudi or Thittai to reduce the effect of Guru.

Aspectual Favours: Problem with neighbours occur but vanish easily, monetary help comes when you requires in emergency, Expense towards some shubh kariyas, Mother health will improve.

General Prediction: Do not argue. Don’t be adventurous. Do not venture into new business. Careful in trading of shares & investment. Avoid giving loans. Restrain from arguing as it may lead to quarrel and cases. Better to take medical insurance to your family since in the case of emergency, you may not have a penny to spend. Even friends and relatives too will not help you either.  Better to give family management to woman who can handle this situation better than men.

What is Yantra? | Guru Yantra | Shani Yantra | Rahu-Ketu Yantra

Parihara/Remedy for Mesha Rasi:  Pray Dakshinamurthy with Guru Gayathri half an one hour daily. Also, light 16 lamps to Dakshinamurthy every Thursday. Visit Alangudi or Thittai on Thursday and offer prayer to Guru Bhagwan to reduce the effect of Guru.
The following  thing can create a shield from the ill effects of Guru’s unfavourable position.

Try to do either Guru Gayatri Moola Mantra or Guru Gayatri 16000 times in 40 days.

Guru Moola Mantra:           “Om jhram Jhreem Jroum Sah Gurave Namah:”

Guru Gayatri Mantra:         “Om Vrishabhadwajaya Vidmahe !  Kruni Hasthaya Dheemahi !!                                               Tanno Guru: Prachodayath:”

While performing these mantra 16000 times, please buy and keep Guru Yantra so that your effort will not go wasted as the vibration will be stored in the Yantra. (Yantras are basically a device to store the vibration of the mantras for life long use. Just like a CD to store song/music). (Click to know more about Yantra)

If you are not able to do the japa, you can opt for Guru Yantra which is powered 16000 times with Guru Gayatri and Moola Mantra and kept at the feet Guru Bhagwan @ Alangudi and Guru’s Athidevatha Brahma’s feet @ Tirupattur. For More details, please click: Guru Yantra

 Category-wise (employees, woman, businessman, old people, students) Gurupeyarchi predictions published below.

For Employees:. The situation is not good on the job front with quarrels with colleagues and quandary while taking decisions. Work may not finish in time. Targets cannot be achieve easily. Cannot expect a good increment or decent promotions as Astama Guru will give problems in all front. But you need to survive and come out without scare during this bad phase

Nothing much to add. Its one of the worst period for Mesha. Only Prayers, chanting of Guru Gayatri mantras and lighting lamp to Dakshinamurthy on Thursdays will help you to reduce the effect of Guru to a large extent.

For Businessman: Not a favourable Guru peyarchi. At the end of the year, you can see many scars. Business will become dull, will loose momentum. Slowly it will stagnate. Turnover will slightly dip and profit reduces. Don’t increase your expenses. Be prudent. Don’t be adventurous. Think thrice before entering into any new venture or expanding your business. Avoid disputes & litigations. Go for compromise. Health condition worsen for the old people in your house. Medical expenses mounting. Keep your cool during the entire period.

Advise and alarm wrt to trading is given at the bottom. Please read before investing.

For Women: This Guru Peyarchi is bad for Woman, Old people & Children in health front. Take precautions. Consult doctor as and when a health related problems arise. Be very careful till December End. Don’t venture into any business. Don’t give loans. Do not argue with elders. Discord and disputes exists.

For children: Eventhough this Guru Peyarchi is bad for Woman, Old people & Children in health front, Children will not suffer as much as woman and old people.  But Take precautions. Consult doctor as and when a health related problems arise.  Need to be active and alert. Childrens may not face much problems. Request your child or yourself to light a lamp to Dakshinamurthy every Thursday without fail.

For Old People: This Guru Peyarchi is worse for Old people. Life is at risk for many. Health related problems and the family displeasures will arise if not already there and will increase if it exists before. Keep your cool. Do not argue. Otherwise, you may need to shift your dwelling. Avoid speculations. Avoid investing in a single place or medium. Pray Dakshinamurthy with Guru Gayathri 1008 times daily. Also, light a lamp to Dakshinamurthy every Thursday, if possible. Also, you can recite Vishnu Sahasranama everyday morning. Create a good vibration which can keep you in good spirits and avoid confrontation.  These things can create a shield from the ill effects of Guru’s unfavourable position.  Mrityunjaya mantra will be highly helpful.

As the Guru is not in your favour and the period is worse for Woman, children and Old people as diseases mount and accidents may occur, we strongly advise you to do the following 3 things without fail.
1. Visit the nearest guru Sthalam after guru peyarchi and offer prayer and parihara.
2. Either chant 16000 Guru Gayatri/Guru Moola and store in yantra form to protect or you can get it from us. Details are here
3. Make use of Mrityunjaya Mantra Japa for Health (125000 japas) – (It is absolutely FREE for Terminally ill / Critically ill patients like those who are suffering from cancer. If you have any relatives or friends who are suffering from cancer or those who are terminally/critically ill , you can refer this page. . Also you can watch the Maha Mrityunjaya Japa daily streaming live through Facebook page:
4. Marriage / Problem in Married Life: for those who are not married or having trouble in married life, can try swayamvaraparvathi japa. For more details, plz. Visit: (you can also view the Japa daily at 6.25 am through facebook page:
  1. Kubera Pooja for Money: We are performing Kubera Pooja daily. Those who are are suffering monetary-wise, can try our Kubera Pooja (72000 japas). For more details, please visit: (You can also view the Kubera japa being shown live daily through facebook page:

For Unemployed: Tough time is ahead. When a person already employed find it difficult to continue in the same job, just imagine the fate of unemployed.

For Unmarried: Eventhough, Guru is not in your favour, don’t loose heart. Try hard. Use all the resources available on earth. Don’t save money. Marriage is more precious than money. Those who are unmarried has a slight chance of finding their partner after December 2018.

For Students: Guru is not in a good position. Students find this more problematic than anyone else during exams. Hardwork always pays. If a student of other rasis study for 3 hours to score 90%, you need to study for 5 hours to score the same percentage. Hence, work harder than your friends and classmates. Take a vow to defeat them in exam. Pray Guru and recite Guru Gayathri 108 times daily and go to nearest temple every Thursday and light a lamp to Dakshinamurthy for scoring high marks. Dakshinamurthy will help you in hard time.

 For Artists: Keep trying. Even though, the period is not very good, Artist will pass this period with their big heart.

For Lovers: Eventhough lovers will not have much problem like other categories of people born in Mesha (Aries), still they need to be careful as Guru is not in favour of them. Eventhough there will not be any problem to love, but love making always creates a problem and Mesha people are prone to litigations and cases during this period.


Horoscope Analysis and Individual prediction: Many people calling us for Individual prediction. But we are not doing astrological consultation. We only restrict ourself with Japas and prayers for 4 fundamental problem in our life Viz., Marriage and Family Life, Health, Wealth and Money and Career. As Horoscope analysis will take longer time, we are not practising it.

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