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Kubera Yantra – Kuber Yantra

Kubera  is the Lord of Wealth (Vitteswara), Owner of the Treasures, God of Fortune. Kubera Yantra Size:  6″ x 6″  How Many times the Mantra being chanted to energize Kuber Yantra:   72000 times (720 Japas per day for 108 days = 72000 times) Benefits of Kubera Yantra energized with Kubera mantra:  To attract Money To accumulate Wealth […]


Kubera Yantra

Kubera Yantra Kubera Yantra Energized with Powerful Kubera Mantra 72000 times (Kubera – The Lord of Wealth (Vitteswara), Owner of the treasures, God of Fortune, and King of Kings). Kubera Mantra : Most Powerful, trusted mantra to acquire money, accumulate Wealth, to improve profits, to become rich & to settle loans and dues & to get back lost money/wealth.  “Om Shreem […]