Sani Archana at Thirumogur Chakrathazhwar, Near Madurai on 6th June 2015

Sani Archana at Thirumogur Chakrathazhwar, Near Madurai


Dear Members.

We have done Sani Archana at Chakrathazhwar at Thirumogur near Maduraion behalf of you on 6th June 2015 (as part of 48 weeks Sani Archana at famous temples

photos are  attached herewith for your reference. Tickets are not being given at the temple.

ThirumogurChaktrathazhwar6June15-10 ThirumogurChaktrathazhwar6June15-9 ThirumogurChaktrathazhwar6June15-8 ThirumogurChaktrathazhwar6June15-7 ThirumogurChaktrathazhwar6June15-6 ThirumogurChaktrathazhwar6June15-1 ThirumogurChaktrathazhwar6June15-2 ThirumogurChaktrathazhwar6June15-3 ThirumogurChaktrathazhwar6June15-4 ThirumogurChaktrathazhwar6June15-5



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