[ Rudraksha Powered with 125000 Mrityunjaya Mantra Japa]

Mrityunjaya Mantra:

Om tryambakaṃ yajāmahe sugandhiṃ puṣṭi-vardhanam
urvārukam iva bandhanān mṛtyor mukṣīya māmṛtāt 

Rudraksha Powered with 125000 Mrityunjaya Mantra Japa

We are offering Rudraksha powered with 125000 Mrityunjaya Mantra Japa to help people who have health-related issues like BP, Sugar and other long time illness to overcome their health problems.

Rudraksha is just a medium (like Yantra or CD) to carry the power & Vibrations of the mantra from the place of prayer and pass it on to the person who wears it. Rudraksha itself is not powerful irrespective of its Mukha/mukhi or size.

Rudraksha is like a cheque (or check) and chanting of proper mantra is like writing the cheque with the amount. The more the mantra chanted, the more powerful the rudraksha is… like the value of the cheque/Check increases depends upon the amount written on it. 

Nowadays, people are giving more value to the face rather than the substance. A plain Rudraksha is of no value without keeping it in the prayers. People are selling various mukha (or mukhi) rudraksha for unbelievable prices. But they didn’t power the rudraksha with the proper mantras. This is the trick of Lazy people who sell anything which is not normal for a high price. (Interesting Fact: All the rudraksha is same irrespective of its faces. Rudraksha means tears from Shiva’s eyes.. Rudra – Shiva; Aksha – Tear Drops. Can one teardrops is better than the other one because it is bigger or other.).

Now Ask this question to yourself: Which cheque will you take. A cheque was written properly with 125000 or a beautiful but a BLANK Cheque?

The choice is yours.

How Much the Rudraksha Powered with 125000 Mrityunjaya Mantra Japa Cost?

We kept the amount for one Powered Rudraksha as low as Rs.625 for one Rudraksha (Just Rs.5 per day for the Pooja. We are giving Rudraksha kept in the Pooja for more than 125 days and powered with more than 125000 japas). People from outside India Need to share US$50 per rudraksha. (Note: we are using a normal 5/6 mukhi rudraksha in our prayers. We give importance only to the substance i.e., mantra japa)

(Dakshina to meet out the expenses and not for profit: We are charging a very small amount to meet out the Pooja expenses which is ever increasing. Presently we spend more than Rs.2000 per day (Dakshina for 4 priest @ Rs.500 per priest, Flower costs Rs.200 per day and other expenses like banana, betel, prasad etc.). We are doing this Pooja for the last 10 years. We somehow manage the poojas, now we really need help. So we are charging a notional amount to keep the japa alive.

Proof of 125000 Japas:: (Yes this is very important. Anyone can fool you that the japa is already performed. We have a dedicated Facebook page for Mrityunjaya Japa. https://www.facebook.com/MahaMrityunjayaMantra/. We chant 1008 japas daily at 7.15 am. If you follow the page, you can view the japa daily. You can see thousands of videos of our chanting mrityunjaya mantra religiously with 100% dedication. Hope it answers your doubt).

(Please send your queries to japa@swayamvaraparvathi.com or You can feel free and speak to me at any time over the phone on my number  (my number is Srivathsan @99 44 88 88 86  and available always at your service). I am just like you so don’t hesitate to call.. Feel free to call me any time for help+

Payment mode:

Option 1: You can transfer funds online to ICICI Bank a/c :You can transfer funds online to ::

SRIVATHSAN KRSIHNASWAMY  – ICICI A/c No.0014 0102 3224 (Branch: Srirangam; IFSC Code: ICIC0006125 and send your details : japa@swayamvaraparvathi.com alongwith your address)

Option 2: If you are living outside India, you can transfer funds through Western Union Money Transfer. (Send your details through email  japa@swayamvaraparvathi.com ) or Paypal or any other legal money transfer methods.

In favour of K.SRIVATHSAN to the following Western Union Agent at Trichy.

Option 3: You can also send through PAYPAL. Paypal id ::: srivathsan@swayamvaraparvathi.com

Mantra Powered Rudraksha

Option 4: You can send a DD/Cheque in favour of K.SRIVATHSAN payable at Trichy and can be sent alongwith your required details to our address:

S-3, Bharath Castle,
Old EB Office Road,
Trichy  – 620006.
Phone: 9944888886 (99 44 88 888 6)

Any queries or help or to know more, please speak or write :


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