Guru Peyarchi prediction and parihara for Vrichika Rasi 2012-2013 குரு பெயர்ச்சி விருச்சிக ராசி 2012-2013

Guru Peyarchi 2012-2013 (17.5.2012 – 28.5.2013)
for Virichigam – Jupiter transit prediction 2012-2013 for SCORPIO

Vrischika-viruchigam [vishaka-visakam(4), Anizham-Anusham, Jyeshta-Kettai]

Blissful happy time ahead: Unlike last year (2011-12), when Guru was in 6th house (Roha Sthanam) you might have had diseases, aches, peaceless life with shortage of money. Now, Guru is going to 7th House (Kalathra Sthanam) life will be more blissful and exultant

Non-tamils: Please read Guru as Jupiter; Peyarchi as Transit; Rasi as Zodiac; (Rasi – zodiac names are on left)

Brief analysis of Last year (2011-12): Last 1 year, Guru was in 6th house i.e., Roha Sthanam. Hence, in accordance with the house, you might have had a troublesome & turbulence life with deteriorated health condition. Diseases & aches made your body very weak esp. old people & women.  You might have gained few things here and there, but as a whole it was not peaceful. Family harmony did not exist. Relationship with friends and family waned. Expenses swelled and income plunged.  you found it difficult to control as the earnings was not equal to the expenses. Employees & artists never got their due share.    Women had lots of problems within the family over and above pains & diseases taken their toll on their body. Same thing for Older people too. Harmony never exists in family. Business man found it difficult to manage their staffs and customers. Business was not all that good and eventhough it was running, the profit was declining but the expenses were increasing esp. salaries and running cost. Turnover & profit were increased scantily and was not on par with the industry where everyone else earned more than us. Even few had a tough time with respect to retaining of employees. Students and Children had an another ordinary year with small health related problems. Child health & education were not 100% perfect. Few might have lost their job also. Eventhough, the inflow was not good, the outflow of money was unstoppable. Even for ordinary disease we might have spend more than required. Medical expenses increase twofold.

Guru Peyarchi Palan 2012-2013 (Jupiter transit predictions 2012-2013): Now Guru is coming to Seventh Place, i.e., Mesha Rasi. 7th place is known as Kalathra Sthanam. Vrichikam alongwith Simha, and Mithuna will enjoy will enjoy this gury peryarchi to the full. (Especially till November 2011). Relationship with partner and in family will improve. High inflow of income, Harmony in family, Robust health, Promotions & increments, Accumulation of wealth, Excellence in Education, you name any good thing, it will all happen to you.  Business will flourish and profits will double. Health condition will improve drastically. Medical expenses will comes down. Woman will accumulate jewellery even in this period of high gold prices. Long pending subha kariyam is on the cards. (Guru Gayathri Mantra)

Old people, now regain some strength and you will feel healthier. Unmarried can expect a marriage before April. Woman will have cordial relationship with family. Its all good time till the end of April. A girl will enter your life either as a lover or wife.

Foe will become friends during the year. Even few relatives who were not in talking terms will come to your house during the subha kariyam. Help comes from all corners. Students perform better. Young Couples relationship will be exemplary and most of them will conceive and give birth during the next year.

Share market will fetch good returns. Overall, it’s a happy blissful year. Just Enjoy without much worry.

Aspectual Favours: Dream will become true, profits from tours, confidence improves, promotion – increments – favourable transfers, help from elder brothers.

Shani Effect: Eventhough the effect of Guru (when he was in Mesha) on Shani was completely removed, still the aspect of Guru in favourable position will help in reducing the ill effects of Shani.

Category-wise (employees, woman, businessman, old people, students) predictions published below.

For Employees:. All the bad effects of Guru is over. Now you will have a good time in office. You will earn respect which was lost during the last few months. Superiors will acknowledge your work and will reward accordingly. Relationship with Colleagues will peak.  Promotions and good increments will come to deserving people Sales and marketing people will have a good time till April. Their yearly targets will be achieved. You may be blessed with a baby. Foreign tours or long India tour is on the cards. Few, who never venture in flying, may travel in aeroplane (flight) for the first time in their life. Those who are working in ICE (Information Technology, Communication & Electronics) and BPOs will see their life is stabilizing after turmoil and most of you will opt for a change in their carrer or job or company for better future. All changes are good for you.

In simple, Enjoy…

For Businessman: Guru in Kalatra Sthanam is a good news for any businessman. Business will flourish. You can reap good profits. For few people, the turnover will get double in this period. Even chances of Bad debts may be cleared by debtors. Foreign tours are possible. New contracts, business may come. Relationship with Govt & authorities will be good. Chances of buying a property which is profitable in years to come is very much on the cards. Best time to go for a house or a car/vehicle.

For Women: All quarrels in the family will come to halt. Pleasant time ahead. Harmony exists. Blissful period. Few might go for second honey moon. Every chance that a young married women will conceive during the next year as Guru is in 7th place. If you do not want child, please take precautionary measures. Your long pending wish will become a reality. Jewels and luxury things will be accumulated during the course.

Many of you may venture into a small time petty business or partner with their friends. You will have ample money always for the next 1 year. If a girl wish to go for job, this is the period for getting good jobs. Luck will be in your favour. Even you may have a long tour with your family. Also, few may have one more tour for a subha kariyam within a close family circle.

 For children: An excellent period ahead. Enjoy studies and sports. You can reap rewards in both education and sports. Guru is always nice to children. So don’t worry. A better period for children to score high marks.

 For Senior Citizens: Health related problems and the family displeasures persisted during the few months will reduce to a considerable extent. Pray dakshinamurthy daily to prolong the happiness . Expenses to medicines may come down. Subha kariyam in your leadership will happen in your family. Misunderstanding between father & son and mother & dauther-in-law will continue as usual but it will not affect the relationship as before. Very careful when investing your money.

For Unemployed: Tough time is coming to an end from May 2012. Utilise the opportunities which comes on your way.  Grab those with two hands. Even if the salary is less, don’t think twice. It will be compensated within a year as you may either be transferred with a promotion or increase in salary or get an another opportunity later with an another company with atleast 20% increase. Pray Guru daily with Guru Gayathri 48 a day and also light a lamp to Dakshinamurthy every Thursday for 48 weeks continuously.

For Unmarried: Those who are unmarried has a good chance of finding their partner during the next 1 year is very very high.

For Students: Guru is in a good position during your examination. Perfect condition prevail for your public and annual exams. Best time to score high marks. Pray Guru and recite Guru Gayathri 108 times daily and go to nearest temple every Thursday and light a lamp to Dakshinamurthy for scoring high marks.

For Artists: Nice beginning. Artists too will reap rewards just like children. New opportunities galore. Money flow will be more than satisfactory.

For Lovers: Love flourish. Please restrain from intimate relationship as it will lead to lots of problems. Once the problem arouse, the unblemish record gained by your family all these years will be ruined.

 Investment Alarm & Advise.

Period till September 2012 is best for any kind of investment. Invest after February 2013 and before March 2013 to avail tax benefits. Always apportion major percentage of investment in riskfree Bank fixed deposits & Bonds. Investing in precious metal like Gold & Silver can be a good idea. Also allocate some percentage for mutual funds which can give good returns next year.

During Vagra Gathi, take utmost precaution while investing in Shares including Futures & Options (NSE – Nifty, BSE – Sensex or index funds. It also includes Dow jones, Nasdaq, s&P500,
Nymex.) While trading foreign exchanges, keep away from dollars while the risk is less in Euro, Yen & Pound during this period.

These transit prediction may vary from person to person depends upon the strength of their Horoscope and Dasa Bhukthi. Consult your astrologer before taking any important decision.

INDIVIDUAL PREDICTION: Thousands of peoplecalling us for Individual prediction. Our main initiative is to help peoplegetting the 4 fundamental elements. Hence, we are not carrying out individualhoroscope predictions.

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