Guru Peyarchi prediction and parihara for Meenam Rasi 2012-2013 குரு பெயர்ச்சி மீன ராசி 2012-2013

Gurupeyarchi prediction (Gurupeyarchi palangal) for meena rasi for the period May 2013 – June 2014 uploaded. Click here for the prediction

Guru Peyarchi 2012-2013
(17.5.2012 – 28.5.2013)

for Meena –  Jupiter transit prediction 2012-2013  for PISCES

Meena Rasi [Purvashada-puratadhi(4), Uthrashada-Uthiratadhi, Revati-Revathi]

Unimpressive and multiple failures. Defeat in attempts. :
Guru in 3rd place (Sahothara Sthanam) is not good especially in business and career. Less Money inflow, hurdles in attempts, Career loss. Worries multiply. Relationship sore.

Non-tamils: Please read Guru as Jupiter; Peyarchi as Transit; Rasi as Zodiac; (Rasi – zodiac
names are on left)

Brief analysis of Last year (2011-12):
Last few months, Guru was in 2nd house i.e., Dhana Sthana. Subha kariyams, marriages happened. Newly married couples had given birth to baby. Also, most of the couples might have added one more member to their family. Relationship with friends & family were outstanding. Harmony was there in family. Money flow was satisfactory. Many of you might have attended religious functions. Travelled a lot. Accumulated wealth. Bought property. Generaly the year 2011 was good. But
you didn’t saved money. Spent most of the income without thinking about the future.  Mostly you saw only success, you might have seen some failures too.

Guru Peyarchi Palan 2012-2013 (Jupiter transit predictions 2012-2013):
Now Guru is coming to your third house. (Sahothara Sthanam). Not a good sign for career, reputation, relationship, family and Health.

If you gave any surety to any of your close associate/friends in last year, be sure to follow and advise your friends to pay the loan properly. Will give some trouble in finance front. Chances are that you may need to pay the loan on behalf of them as you were the surety.

Defeat in attempts, thoughts never materialize, attempts will fail, relationship sore with brothers, trouble from friends, new friendship will fetch more problems, failure in
education, shortfall in funds, misunderstanding between couple, problem in
conceiving or even problem may occur for pregnant ladies.

Few more problems: Chances are that you may either suspended or transferred to the place you didn’t want to go. But make use
of it. Go there without any resistance. Because, guru will help you in the long run. Probably you may come to the old place with promotion next year. So, this whole year is tribulation but at the end you can see all this beneficial because of guru. Blessings in Disguise.

Health related problems will occur. Health may deteriorate. Not a good sign for people who born in Meena esp. for old people, woman & children. Medical expenses mount heavily. Better prepared and subscribe to Medical insurance before February (Also beneficial for tax exemption) for any emergency.  Expenses will increase but revenue either will remain same or comes down. Spend judiciously. Try avoiding loans. If
necessary, avail loans only to the extent needed. Businessman should thread their business carefully till April 30. Do not argue. Don’t be adventurous. Do not venture into new business. Careful in trading of shares & investment. Avoid giving loans. Restrain from arguing as it may lead to quarrel and cases. Better to take medical insurance to your family

Aspectual favours: Eventhough problem occur between couple it will be resolved positively, relatives will help, partnership may fetch profits, help from father and father side relatives, thoughts of doing charity and engage in charitable activity increases, timely help from elder brother,.

Should try Guru parihara without fail. Guru Gayatri helps you to reduce the problem.

Category-wise (employees, woman, businessman, old people, students) predictions published below.For Employees:. Eventhough the situation is not good in the job front with quarrels with colleagues and quandary while taking decisions. Work may not finish in time. Targets cannot be achieve easily. Cannot expect a good increment or decent promotions as the period till April end was not good. Sales executive will have a tough ahead.  Need to put lot of hard work eventhough it will not pay you as much as the effort you put in. Its highly possible that you may be transferred to undesirable place. Those who are working in ICE (Information Technology, Communication & Electronics) and BPOs will feel their life is still not stabilized and most of you will opt for a change in their career or job or company for better future.

For Businessman: Not a favourable first half. Eventhough, there will not be much problem, business will not flourish. It will loose momentum. It will stagnate. Turnover will slightly dip and profit reduces. Don’t increase your expenses. Be prudent. Don’t be adventurous. Think thrice before entering into any new venture or expanding your business. Avoid disputes & litigations. Go for compromise. Health condition worsen for the old people in your house. Medical expenses mounting.

Its not an interesting year anyway. Better try to pass this whole year without much problems and cases. Advise and alarm wrt to trading is given at the bottom. Please read before investing.

For Women: This Guru Peyarchi is bad for Woman, Old people & Children in health front. Take precautions. Consult doctor as and when a health related problems arise. Don’t give loans. Do not argue with elders. Discord and disputes exists. Recite Guru Gayatri Mantra 20 minutes every day and 1008 times on Thursday will help extemely.

For children: Eventhough this Guru Peyarchi is bad for Woman, Old people & Children in health front, Children will not suffer as much as woman and old people.  But Take precautions. Consult doctor as and when a health related problems arise. Be very careful till April End. Need to be active and alert. Childrens may not face much problems. Request your child or yourself to light a lamp to Dakshinamurthy every Thursday without fail.

For Old People: This Guru Peyarchi is bad for Woman, Old people & Children in health front. Health related problems and the family displeasures will arise if not already there and will increase if it exists before. Keep your cool. Do not argue. Otherwise, you may need to shift your dwelling. Avoid speculations. Avoid investing in a single place or medium.

For Unemployed: Tough time is ahead. When a person already employed find it difficult to continue in the same job, just imagine the fate of unemployed. Pray dakshinamurthy by lighting lamps on Thursdays and chanting Guru Gayatri.

For Unmarried: Eventhough, Guru is not in your favour, don’t loose heart. Try hard. Use all the resources available on earth. Don’t save money. Marriage is more precious than money.

For Students: Guru is neither in a good position nor in a bad position. Students may find it difficult to concentrate. But with hard work, they can overcome the ill effect of guru. Hardwork always pays. If a student of other rasis study for 3 hours to score 90%, you need to study for 5 hours to score the same percentage. Hence, work harder than your friends and classmates.

For Artists: Keep trying. Even though, the period is not very good, Artist  will pas this period with their big heart.

For Lovers: Eventhough lovers will not have much problem like other categories of people born in Meena (Lovers of Pisces), still they need to be careful as Guru is not in favour of them. Eventhough there will not be any problem to love, but love making always creates a problem and Meena (Lovers of Pisces) people are prone to litigations and cases during this period.

Investment Alarm & Advise.The whole year is not best for speculation. Restrain yourself to medical insurance, Bank Fixed Deposits & bonds. Always apportion major percentage of investment in risk-free Bank fixed deposits & Bonds. Investing in precious metal like Gold & Silver can be a good idea. Also allocate some percentage for mutual funds which can give good returns
next year. (Worst Period 2nd week of October 2012 – 1st Week of February 2013) Try avoiding investing in Shares including Futures & Options (NSE – Nifty, BSE – Sensex or index funds. It also includes Dow jones, Nasdaq, s&P500, Nymex.) While trading foreign exchanges
is not advisable, keep away from dollars while the risk is less in Euro, Yen & Pound during this period.

These transit prediction may vary from person to person depends upon the strength of
their Horoscope and Dasa Bhukthi. Consult your astrologer before taking any
important decision.


Thousands of people calling us for Individual prediction. Our main initiative is to help people getting the 4 fundamental elements. Hence, we are not carrying out individual horoscope predictions.

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