Guru Peyarchi prediction and parihara for Kanni Rasi 2012-2013 குரு பெயர்ச்சி கன்னி ராசி 2012-2013

Guru Peyarchi 2012-2013 (17.5.2012 – 28.5.2013)
for Kanni –  Jupiter transit prediction 2012-2013  for VIRGO

Kanya – [Uttara Phalguni (Uthram), Hastha (Astham), Chitra-Chithirai (1-3)]

Profit first, Prudence later: Unlike last year (2011-12), when Guru was in 8th house (Ashtama Guru, Ayul Sthanam) your health deteriorates, stumble in every attempt & expenses were beyond reach. Now, Guru has come to 9th place (Bhakya Sthanam) which will bring profits and rewards. Also, long pending subha kariyam is in the offing. Many good things are on the cards. (As sade-sati
over & guru left 8th place, its double delight. Enjoy and relish)

Non-tamils: Please read Guru as Jupiter; Peyarchi as Transit; Rasi as Zodiac; (Rasi – zodiac
names are on left)

Brief analysis of Last Year (2011-12): Last few months, Guru was in 8th house (Astama guru) i.e., Ayul Sthanam. When guru was in eight house, the health condition worsen due to diseases, trouble within the family and social circle, stumble in every effort you put, failing in every attempt you make, loss of money, petty issues & quarrels between relatives. If you didn’t maintain a cool head in the last few months, you might have invited trouble. Few might have gone to the stage where it could be solved only in the courts. Education was not excellent but better. Business wise, it was not bad but momentum was missing.  Employees had a very ordinary year without any movement either in position or salaries. Old people felt they become older than ever before as known & unknown diseases taken a toll on their body. Children were affected by cold & fever frequently and few (esp. small kids) might have admitted in the hospital for a temporary period. Bad things and good things were equal in this period. Hence, you felt life was monotonous, tiresome & unrewarding

Guru Palan (Jupiter Transit) prediction for 2012-2013: Now Guru is coming to Nineth Place (Bhakya Sthanam), a place known for High inflow of income, Harmony in family, Robust health, Promotions & increments, Favourable transfers, Accumulation of wealth, Excellence in Education.  Business will flourish and profits will increase considerably beyond your expectation. Kanni is one of the few rasis which are going to enjoy thoroughly this Guru Peyarchi.  As Guru left Asthama Ayul Sthanam, and now in Bhakya Sthanam, diseases will reduce. Old people, now regain some strength and you will feel healthier. Unmarried can expect a marriage in the near future. Woman will have cordial relationship with family. Its all good time ahead.  (Guru Gayathri Mantra)

Aspectual Favours: Success in all your attempts, Sound Health, Help from brothers & Sisters, New friendship, Unexpected fortune and profits, Marriage, New born baby.

Category-wise (employees, woman, businessman, old people, students) predictions published below.For Employees:. All the bad effects of Guru was over. Guru has come to nineth place, bhakya sthanam. It’s a good sign for Kanni (Virgo). You can see a lot of change in your office and can command respect which was not there for the last few months. Pressures will reduce. Sales and marketing people will have a good time ahead.  Their yearly targets will be achieved. Good increments and long pending promotions are very much on the cards. Superiors will acknowledge your work and will reward accordingly. Few with interest in business, may venture into partnership as a sleeping partner without resigning from the job. A long pending wish will become a reality. Money which were not given back by your debtors will be received partly now onwards. Generally an excellent period ahead. Not much to add. Just relax and start enjoy the moments.

For Businessman: Guru in 9th place, Bhagya Sthanam is a good sign that your business will comes to normalcy. Turnover will increase and profits will double. Even chances of Bad debts may be cleared by debtors. Foreign tours are on cards. New contracts, business will come on your way. Relationship with Govt & authorities will be good. You can be tempted to venture into new business or expand your existing business. Don’t worry. Guru will tune your business to new highs. Hurdles will be cleared quickly in your favour. Pending cases will comes to an end in your favour. You will buy a new house or a car/vehicle.

Generally an excellant period ahead. Not much to add. Just relax and start enjoy the moments.

For Women: All quarrels in the family will come to halt. Pleasant time ahead. Your long pending wish will become a reality. Jewels and luxury things will be accumulated during the course. Those who eagerly waiting for a child for longtime, may conceive.  Few of you with interest in small time business may even start alone or partnering with your friends. You will have plenty of money at your disposal.  If a girl wish to go for job, this is the period for getting good jobs. Luck will be in your favour. You may have a long tour for a subha kariyam within a close family circle.

 For children: An excellent period . Enjoy studies and sports. You can reap rewards in both education and sports. Excellent period for children of Kanni -Virgo. So don’t worry. Take precaution to your health. Consult doctor and cure the disease immediately.

For Senior Citizens: Health related problems and the family displeasures persisted during the last few months will reduce to a considerable extent hereafter. Expenses to medicines may come down. Subha kariyam in your leadership will happen in your family. Misunderstanding between father & son will continue but it will not affect the relationship. Very careful when investing your money. You may get cheated even by your relative sooner.

For Unemployed: Tough time is coming to an end.  Try for a job. relentless effort to be put for a job.  A good job is on the offing. Don’t waste the opportunity.

For Unmarried: Those who are unmarried has a good chance of finding their partner with the help of Guru in the next 1 year. 

For Students: Guru is in a good position during your examination. Perfect condition prevail for your public and annual exams. Pray Guru and recite Guru Gayathri 108 times daily and go to nearest temple every Thursday and light a lamp to Dakshinamurthy for scoring high marks. Few students, who are in their final year degree, will get a good job before completing the course.

A perfect and excellent situation for students. make use of it and study well and score good marks. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity for students of Kanni (students of Virgo)

For Artists: Nice beginning. Artists too will reap rewards just like children. New opportunities galore. Money flow will be more than satisfactory.

For Lovers: Love flourish. Please restrain from intimate relationship as it will lead to lots of problems later.  Once the problem arouse, the unblemished record gained by your family all these years will be ruined.

These transit prediction may vary from person to person depends upon the strength of
their Horoscope and Dasa Bhukthi. Consult your astrologer before taking any important decision. .

INDIVIDUAL PREDICTION: Thousands of peoplecalling us for Individual prediction. Our main initiative is to help peoplegetting the 4 fundamental elements. Hence, we are not carrying out individualhoroscope predictions.

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