Stothra Rathna PR Ramachander

Stothra Rathna Mr. P R Ramachander, aged 72 years, born in Kerala and presently reside in Bangalore.

Mr. PR Ramachander retired as a scientist from IIHR (Indian Institute of Horticultural Research).

He has proficiency in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, English, Kannada and Telugu. Can read and write Sanskrit.

He has translated more 700 sanskrit slokas into English.

He has also translated more than 800 carnatic music krithis with their meaning and translation.

Mr. Ramachander also published two books one on Lalitha Sahasranamam and another one on Rudram.

He is also practising astrology freely.

Today, in the internet, almost all the translation of Slokas in English are the works of Mr. PR Ramachander.

Swayamvaraparvathi salutes Mr. PR Ramachander for his work and pray god to give him strength to bring more and more slokas translations into English.

You can see all his works at




  1. Hello Mama, Namaskarams.

    Can you please share your mail id as I require some assistance from you regarding shradha performance. Though I went through your blog i need few mor clarification on certain things. Kindly share your mail id for the same.


    1. Hello Ramachandran Mama, can you share with me a pdf copy of Lalithambal Shobhanam? We are extremely indebted to you for all your translations. Our prostrations to you.


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