sani-peyarchi-predictions-palangal-Dec 2014-2015-2016- Dec 2017 -vrichika-scorpio-visakam-anusham-kettai

Sani Peyarchi 2014-2015-2016-2017 (Dec, 16th 2014 to 18th Dec 2017) for Virichigam – Saturn transit prediction Dec (2014 – Dec. 2017) for SCORPIO

Vrischika-viruchigam [vishaka-visakam(4), Anizham-Anusham, Jyeshta-Kettai]

Sani goes to Vrichika Rasi on 16th  Dec 2014 (as per Vakya Panchangam which is followed in all the temples and in Thirunallaru also). So we too follow the temple timings for prediction purposes and pariharas

Bad period over but brings much worser one:  After Sani Peyarchi 2014, Viraya Sani (first part of 7 1/2 Sani) is over but Janma Sani (Sani in Janma Rasi) started. This is worser than the previous period as Problems to health, job, realtionship and family is very much on the cards. Also chances of doing karma (final rites) for aged & sick parents is very much a possibility

Non-tamils: Please read Sani as Saturn; Peyarchi as Transit; Rasi as Zodiac; (Rasi – zodiac names are on left). Note: These predictions are based on Moon Signs (not Sun Signs)

Sani Peyarchi Prediction for the period Dec. 2014 – Dec 2017:

2 and half years of Sani is over. Sani was in your 12th house which is viraya sthana all these years. Its gives lots of problems in monetary terms.

This sani peyarchi bring Sani to your Rasi – Viruchika which is the worst period a person can ever have. (Janma sani & Sani in 8th house -(affected rasi Meena – Pisces) are the most harmful.)

Purana says, when Sani was born, Sun went into eclipse. (Sani and Yama are sons of SUN). As per purana, not only kings like Dasaratha (Ram’s father), Vikramaditya, Harichandra & Nala suffered but also Gods includes Siva, Krishna, Guru, Ram & Sita, Pandavas, Ravan etc. all had problems when Sani was not in their favour and punish for their wrongdoings.

With prayers and parihara, people of Vrichika can reduce its effect to a considerable extent. Do not forget to visit Sani Bhagwan in Shiva temple. Also try every known & possible parihara for sani to pass this period without much damage.

(You can check our service for Archana for 48 weeks on Saturdays at various Temples) and/or Sani Yantra


Ok, lets see whats sani peyarchi has in store for Vrichika in this Janma Sani:

Sani definitely punish the guilty and if you are doing any illegal business, please stop at once. Otherwise, imprisonment is 100% sure. Also Janma sani is known to give fear of life or equilant loss, dangerous diseases, fire accidents and food poison.

Janma sani may bring even a rich people to the streets. Not only your friends but even close relatives will turn foe. Separation possible in husband & wife. Avoid getting into illegal affairs.

Income will reduce, unfavourable transfer, tiresome and loss of confidence and morality are in the offering.

Doing karma (last rites) for parents are being told as a possibility in jothida books. So if you have any old & sick parents, please take care of them. Also, if you have avoided your parents all these days, or kept them at old-age homes or lonely, please bring them and request them to stay with you. Their curse will have a huge effect as Sani never leave you. If any people who born in Vrichika neglected their parents due to the pressures of their wife or some other instance, please convince them and bring your parents immediately to your home and take care of them in their last stages life.

Do not venture into new things. Avoid arguments otherwise you may spend your time unnecessarily in court rooms. Be patient and honour all your commitments without fail.

Be very careful with Government and do not hide or do any illegal things. You will be caught easily due to sani’s presence.

Confidence, morale, Energy all comes down. But dont worry. Sani will trouble the people of Vrichika but never leave them empty handed.

Do not forget to please sani as much and as frequent as possible to minimize its effect.

If you dont commit mistakes knowingly and cheat & do unlawful things, you can manage this period with Sani preethi mantras.

Also help more disabled people (Sani is handicapped) frequently.

Category-wise (age, employees, woman, businessman, old people, students) Sanipeyarchi (Sade-sati – Seven and half years Shani) predictions published below.

0-30 Years: Sani Peyarchi and Sani problem may not be much. Infact, you can reap some benefits till you do things within the legal means. Health issues can be easily solved with proper prayers and by doing good things and helping disabled. Concentration, Confidence, Self-esteem will get hurt.

30-60 Years: After this sani peyarchi, you should be doubly careful. Honour the commitments made. Settle long pending debts immediately. Should take care of your health. Please make proper arrangements for expenses. (It is always better to have a good medical policies). Wife will become sick and hospitalisation is a possibility. Always keep sufficient money in hand for any emergency. If you have a sick & old parents, chances of loosing them is a rule. Depression, illegal affair, court cases, fights with neighbours and in office, loosing your reputation & name are always there.

Above 60 years: If Maraka Dasa is running, death is unavoidable. Shani peyarchi is worst for you. Otherwise, problems equivalent to death occurs unless you have a strong Horoscope & a decent Dasa-Bhukthi is running. Physically & mentally, you will feel down. Prayers and Dhyana can give peace which inturn helps you to reduce the fear of ….. If you had cheated anyone with money, please repay. If Cheated through physical or other means, do good to them by either appropriating some portion of your asset or by any other kind.

Warning: Sani peyarchi is not a good one.  Everything is bad. Do not take chances. Go to Shani Sthala and offer prayers. Also perform simple Shani pariharas and preethis as much as possible. Help as many disabled as possible.

(You can check our service for Archana for 48 weeks on Saturdays at various Temples) and/or Sani Yantra

Monetary Situation: As already you are running Viraya Shani for the last couple of years, after this sani peyarchi, either the same situation continues or slightly improve. (Dont worry, Shani this time concentrates on your health & reputation rather than money)

For businessman: Monetary wise, read the above paragraph. But reputation may come down. You may find it difficult to honour your commitments. Bad debts increases. If you are venturing into illegal or anti-government activities, 100% sure you will be put in Jail. Please stop all bad things you were doing till date. Keep distance with your female workers.

For Employees: This sani peyarchi is very bad for you. Worser than last couple of years. Salary & promotion will be a possibility if you have a good character in the official job. Keep distance with your female colleagues. If you have a female boss, think twice before uttering a word. Give utmost respect to woman. Do not argue or over excited. Accept undesirable transfers too. Lapses will make your life miserable and you will be punished even for small mistakes.

Students: Do not give much importance to the shani peyarchi prediction. Just concentrate on your studies and go to shani temple every saturday and light oil-lamp. Eventhough concentration & memory power comes down, handwriting become poorer, you can compensate this with more practice and hardwork. Prayers will definitely helps you than any other category people of Thula.

Public Personalities: Oh my god. After this sani peyarchi 2014, you Should be very careful. Your no.1 enemy is your mouth. Please shut it as much as possible. Innumerable oppurtunity of Illegal affairs comes on your way but it is in your hands how you are going to tackle. It not only going to give you lot of pleasure but also brings bad reputation and spoil your character. With bad contacts, few may grow but dont know how far they can go.

Woman: Sani peyarchi bring Very bad period not only with your health but also in family affair. If Sani is not able to trouble with your health, he definitely trouble with your character. Husband may have doubt on your character. Please live like Caeser’s wife. (should be above suspicion). You are about to get chances after chances of indecent proposals.  Family separation, female health problems, in-law problem increases are very much a possibility. While cooking in the kitchen, please follow all fire safety advises as Janma Sani brings fire burns too often.

Senior Citizen: After this Shani Peyarchi December 2014, Health condition worsen unless you have a good horoscope and great Dasa-Bhukti. With prayers and pariharas, you can postpone the problems. If you are very old and severely sick, please apportion assets accordingly.

About Shani and prediction: (Please read the next 5 points carefully before reading this shani prediction, which may help you understand the prediction in right spirit)

  1. We do not add any masala or soothe or appease or exaggerate the predictions. Given are the predictions as described in many vedic & historic shastras, samhitas and Siddar’s (Saint’s) verses.
  2. Shani got the reward of Eshwar (Shanieswar) because of its impartiality in performing its duties. Even Gods were not spared from the clutches of Shani as per puranas.
  3. Shani is Ayul Karagan(Looks after life, health & Justice): Unlike other planets which are incharge of secondary things (wealth, career), Shani affects the primary, OUR LIFE itself.  That is why shani is most feared out of all the planets concerned.
  4. Job of Shani: Shani acts like a combination of a “Strict Super Cop + Honest Judge”.  Shani not only catches the culprit but punishes them too.  So when Shani is not in our favour, it is always highly advisable to keep a clean character, avoid cheating & honour commitments.
  5.  Sani Archana: We encourage people to join in our 48 weeks archana. Albeit, pleasing sani completely is almost impossible, I believe something is better than nothing..

These transit prediction may vary from person to person depends upon the strength of their Horoscope and Dasa Bhukthi. Consult your astrologer before taking any important decision. ..

INDIVIDUAL PREDICTION: Thousands of people calling us for Individual prediction. Our main initiative is to help people getting the 4 fundamental elements. Hence, we are not carrying out individual horoscope predictions

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  1. Hi Sir.
    This is Breme Sivamani, My Rashi is Aries and my star is Asvini, I would like to know about my Sani Staus. My Date of Birth is September 18th 1989. Pls tell something about my future and marriage process and health issues. please tell me whether i can settle in foreign country. Last year i met an accident in head and now its been good. But having some panic on that. Pls clarify my queries..

  2. My date of birth is 10 July 1995. From two years I felt all bad experience in my life. Now I have a illness. I don’t know is it curable. Some people’s cheats me whom I love most. I couldn’t continue my studies because of my health issue. I got so many chances but because of my health I couldn’t continue. And cheating still effecting me a lot. No one don’t understand my love care. They can judge my anger and bad things. I try to commit suicide but I didn’t die.atlast I agree for marriage. But now marriage also become Impossible. What is happening in my life really I don’t know. I know I am not too good. But I never try to cheat anyone…hurt anyone. But why for me everything happening like that. Please help me…

  3. My name is Nithya born on 21-0301987 and facing lot of relationship problem with husband. Unnecessary fights and misunderstandings. Highly depressed now. Please help.

  4. dear sir
    my name is tirumal dob 21-12-1973 suffering severe setbacks ,finanacial stress ,no mental peace totally depressed . looking for any remedy which may pull me out of this bad effects.kinldy reply

  5. I had masectomy 3 years bk n ok now.
    My sons life is killing me as he is plsnning for seperation but wants the childif 7. His wife is ok for mutual but not the kud.
    My son is jesta, vrischika rasi 3/8/1979 23 hrs, on varalakshmi feast was birn.most decent, never looked at anyither gurl but wife failed him giving care n live. I live my only kid. V have done all paruharas fir turnallar,pongum sani n every month in his,wife n childs names.
    V do til deepam whenevdr pissible.
    Went to VrahmastLam where fate is changed if u light 36 diyaas n did archanaiyas. I hear to sani katha everyday f or tge last 5 days.give food to criws with til. Old pdople n beggars.
    V r all titally shattered. Want to c my sins life settled n then go. Please help.

  6. Sir,

    My Birth Star is Anusham DOB 14.12.1963 SATURDAY 3:30 PM,. for the past 8 months I’m suffering for the job? I lost my job 8 months before, In fact, due to oil price slashes all the shipping & logistics companies are down fall now.

    Please advise me when I will get a job?

    Waiting for your response.

    1. Dear Sir,

      I’m struggling to get a job for the past 8 months I’m struggling for the job, I do not have peace of mind, financially I lost everything including cash / gold everything, because of my bad time, entire family is struggling, I’m going into made both mentally and financially, please advise when this situation will change? and I will back to the normal family life?

  7. Dear sir ,
    I have see me and husband s horesope hv create new as well

    mine is 18th Oct 1985 2.16pm born in srilanka
    husband 3rd Feb 1985 8.22am born in srilanka

    hv kw our poruthem and jaathegem

    plsy let kw
    thank you

  8. Sir I am suffering lot for past years I m viruchikaga rasi anusha natchathiram DOB 22-12-1984. I got married in 2006. When i get married from that day onwards am suffering a lot in India. Suddenly i got changed to Singapore in 2013 jan and well settled with job house but we have problems and we get separated in the same house 2013 end and we quarreled to get divorce in between in 2014 mid i got affair with another person and my parents accepted to get married with person in 2015 Mar my husband went to India and he got second marriage without getting divorce.
    Now my problem is I stay in Singapore alone with my son in my house and my lover parents is not accepting for the marriage so from 2015 may my lover and me got separated job wise i have challenge but is like i can able to manage but in marriage all went very worse still my lover is single his parents looking for other girl but still i hope my situation change and i can get married with him because i love him very much i believe God very much I go temple every saturday to worship Saniswarar for past 3 years more but am scared if he get married with other really i cannot tolerate after this sani period can i get married with him with all blessings.
    Hope understand my situation can you please reply which can give me positive charge.

  9. Dear Sir,

    My Nakshatra is Vishaka and was born on 09 April 1974

    When did the actual shani peyarchi start, as you say now we are in the middle of the sade sate , when will shani peyarchi end.

    Will oct 25 2017 71/2 years sade sate end.

  10. I was born on 21.06.1961 . My star is Anusham, pada 1. From 2012 onwards I am facing problems at my work place for not fault of mine. Every time some thing happens , I am held responsible even though there is no mistake from my side. I do not know what to do. There is a threat to my job as of now. My father also was in hospital in 2013 for heart attack. They had put one stent . Even today, his health condition is not good. I am worried a lot as I have two small children. What should I do ?

  11. Poojya Punditji, My younger son whose DOB: 21.6.1986, POB: MUMBAI, TOB: 00.15 A.M. NAME VIKRAM AIYER.

    He was working in Dubai for the past 1.1/2(One & Half Year) but his company is at the verge of closing.He has been asked to look of another job.Whether he will succeed in his search of a New Job? I am eagerly waiting for your kind guidlineses.


  12. Sir,

    I lost my mother this year in Feb-17 2015. I was born in vrischik rasi DOB-14-04-1990. Last year i myself quit job in December 2014 and started preparing for govt exams i passed all the three levels still my name is not in the list due to slightest mark difference in score. This was again a pain. I am in despair unable do decide what to do next confused…….What should i do?

  13. dear sir,

    Problems arrising in all my business supplies. Till now no marriage.No responnse from bride side.Day by day loosing coincidence.

  14. Hi Sir ,
    My husband star is anusham and rasi is vrichika.His dob is jan 4,1989.He is working n IT with good salary,unfortunately every month we are getting unexpected and unavoidable exenses.After mrg we spend lot of money to hospital.
    so to save some amount we took home loan and personal loan to bought house in chennai city.registration is over ,due to some fault from seller loan get cancelled.Now the seler is not ready to returning the money we have given.From past 1 year we begged him to return it,but he is shouting us and not responding,we have spend nearly 6Lakhs for this.we are from middle class.we are paying interest for the amount (6 lakhs).So we took legal way to deal with seller.the house is one state and currently we are staying in another state .that also very big pblm,we have to travel each month twice to the city where we have bougth house.thats affecting carrier and money .
    on each month we are suffering a lot for satisfyinng our basic needs.We are in very bd situation.My star is tiruvathira ,mthunam rasi.Please tell us a soluton for this,do we get the money(6 lakhs) we spend.

    1. Yes, its a tough situation. Getting penalised for not your fault. But we need to work very hard. Do more prayers to shiva and shani. The more you getting affected, please do little extra. that is how you can nullify the effect.
      Dont worry, prayers can help you to stop the negative effect and slowly brings your life back on a positive note.

  15. Sir,
    I’m suffering with some health problem. Apart since 4 years I am trying to get a transfer. Atleast in this current year any possibilities are showing. I’m worried allot.

  16. Sir I am suffering lot for past years I m viruchikaga rasi anusha natchathiram I lost my dad I lost my health I went through major operation my dob is 11 Aug 1989 please help me my health is killing my day’s

    1. Dear Sanjay,
      I am sorry for your dad’s loss. You are only 25 / 26yrs old now. You have a whole life ahead of you. Although you did not mention what health problem you have, let me just try and help you. Firstly, reduce / do not travel by motorcycle. I have always heard that people, when they are in Shani phase, they have accidents often. Secondly, go to Thirunallar soon. Do take bath in that pond. And on all saturdays, go to temple early morning & pray. Keep “Ellu Vizhakku” for Shani bhagavan. feed crows, dogs, be at peace & do not indulge into any arguments on saturdays. Do not eat non-veg on saturdays. Keep your mind and body clean. Try to adapt to “Mouna viradham” on saturdays if possible. Be sincere to yourself & keep the faith. Do not do any mischiefs. Respect ladies & take very good care of your mother and siblings. Do not let your mind think too much. That is the biggest enemy. Do not spend much. Have the habit of Saving money & keep them as reserve. If you are salaried, save 30 to 40% of your salary every month.

  17. Sir my name is Vengatesh G. My DOB is 23 May 1986. Please explain my horoscope. My marriage has been fixed and got near to engagement but broken, next time the girl said oj to marry me but after a month refused by saying without proper reasons. Im trying for higher promotion in my carrier, please explain my future

      1. Dear Well-wisher,

        My wife Having sani Ruler for past years she is SCORPIO Rasi,she is making wrong things against me & my Parents by favor of her mothers family and also her father,mother & sister also supporting that too in Money minded. They are encouraging to stay along with them not with me, she is also not interest in me, if I notice any wrong thing and says not do this is wrong she is not understanding that. just now no phone calls, no life, no relationship with me, I am total disappointment life, she is not even call & care me the fault is made by her, and my rasi id Kumbam, sathiyam Natharam. I cannot able to believe her because of she did not move as little good things. I need a guide from your side.

  18. Dear Sir,

    My Nakshatra is Anusham and was born on 06 Jan 1978. I would like to get a detailed reading of my horoscope and guidance . Whatever you have predicted seem to match for me. For me from what I heard from my peripa (who is a astrologer) that for me Sani is the one that comes in the second time (pongu Sani) and do good. But in career wise I am not happy and I am having every day stress, my boss is not acknowleding my hard work but I am working like a donkey..But keeping patience to a certain level..So I would like to know whether there is a possibility of me getting transferred back from USA to India and whether I can shift job , health issues etc..Would it be possible for you help me in this ? I can send you my horoscope and the fee that you expect. Please let me know

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