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Sani Peyarchi 2014-2015-2016-2017 (Dec, 16th 2014 to 18th Dec 2017) for Tulam – Saturn transit prediction Dec (2014 – Dec. 2017) for LIBRA – Sade Sati Predictions for Tula – Libra.

Thula-tula [Chitra-Chithirai(3-4),Swathi-chothi, vishaka-visakam(1-3)]

Last stage of Sade sati – Elarai Sani. Now more than money, its your health and family gives more worries. : In this sani peyarchi, Shani moves from your Janma Rasi to 2nd House (Kudumba Sthana) . As you had already knows what is shani in last few years, problem may continue but will improve slowly. Give utmost care to health and family. 

Non-tamils: Please read Sani as Saturn; Peyarchi as Transit; Rasi as Zodiac; (Rasi – zodiac names are on left). Note: These predictions are based on Moon Signs (not Sun Signs)

Sani Peyarchi Prediction for the period Dec. 2014 – Dec 2017:

Sani peyarchi: Now Sani goes to your 2nd house from Janma Rasi which is slightly better than the last few years. Monetary worries slowly comes down whereas health-wise problem continues (sometime increases) and friction in family either increase or continues.

You had almost travelled last 5 years in shani’s way, so you can easily manage the next 3 years too. Problem slowly comes down and you can see some happiness here and there.

Friction between husband and wife may lead to divorce. So avoid arguments and follow give and take policy. If any misunderstanding happens, give some time to heal and patch up. Dont worry. You will easily manage.  Family friction and misunderstanding with children should be avoided completely. Also keep away fighting with relatives and neighbours.

Generally not a good sani peyarchi 2014 for people of Thula but not worser than the last 3 years.  With proper parihara and prayers, you can not only manage this 3 years easily but also can grow monetary & wealthwise.

But one consolation for Thula (Libra) Rasi is, Shani is friendly to Thula – Libra, so with prayers and parihara, people of Thula can reduce its effect to a considerable extent. Do not forget to visit Sani Bhagwan in Shiva temple. Also try every known & possible parihara for sani to pass this period without much damage.

(You can check our service for Archana for 48 weeks on Saturdays at various Temples) and/or Sani Yantra

Ok, lets see whats in store for Thula after this Sani Peyarchi:

Monetary improvement are on your way. All monetary problems slowly stops and chances of improvement are as desired. Invest slowly. Expand business slowly and carefully.

Friction between couples, children and parents can be avoided if the argument didn’t prolong for long. Misunderstanding with neighbors and relatives will invite problems. Be patient and take time to heal the wounds.

Sadness, sorrow and pain still there and may increase sometime. Keep your temperament within limits. Avoid arguments and fight completely. Do not argue or venture into anything in drunken times.

Ever after this sani peyarchi, Health will be affected as before. Disease and wounds may give more pain. Do not take chances with health.

Problem to health of senior citizen life is still in serious mode. Continue prayers patience. Already health might suffered during last few year, so need to be careful much more than ever before. Family feud will take a toll of your life.

You can relieve some pressure of this sani peyarchi with Shani prayers, japa, visit to sani temples, helping disabled people and poor, small pariharas will definitely help in adjustment.

If you are a married female, take care of your health and avoid arguments with husband or in-laws which may ruin your life forever.

But with prayers to Shani, you can really increase the inflow of income with hardwork to nullify all problems.

As Sani severely punishes only the guilty, please restrain doing wrong things.

As usual, do not venture into illegal and anti-governmental activities.

Category-wise (age, employees, woman, businessman, old people, students) Sani peyarchi predictions published below.

0-30 Years: Sani peyarchi for Thula will be not as bad for those who are below 30 years.  Life turn somewhat pleasant. Education and career improvement are promising. Health need to be attend at utmost care and respect elders. Nothing much too add but life improves considerably. Do not trouble animals and make fun of disabled people. Concentration, Confidence, Self-esteem will get hurt.

30-60 Years: Sani peyarchi for people of Thula who are between 30-60 years, the bad period continues. Economically you may redeem yourself but expenses still more than your income. Health definitely gives worries. Problem with parents and other elderly relatives gives anxious moments. Relationship sore with wife and children. Do not venture into illegal relationship to mollify yourself.  Depression, tiredness, bored lifestyle will take a heavy toll in your life and make you catching up old age too soon. Prayers, visit to temple, japas everything help you to counter the problem to a bigger extent.

Above 60 years: Sani peyarchi not going to give any relief of senior citizens either. Bad period continues. If you have already suffered health wise, the problem will be worsened. Pray shani and try to pass this 3 years with prayers. If you are able to pass 2017, then you can see a good period ahead. Monetary and family wise, you are going to see a worst period every before. If shani is in your side, then you can prolong the same situation for another 3 years and chances of improvement is there.

Sani Peyarchi Warning: Take care of your health and keep your family intact. Do whatever possible to protect the said two things Go to Shani Sthala and offer prayers. Also perform simple Shani pariharas and preethis as much as possible. Help as many disabled as possible. Please bring your parents and nurse them with you. If you do offer proper prayers and japas, you can get rid of sani to some extent.

(You can check our service for Archana for 48 weeks on Saturdays at various Temples) and/or Sani Yantra

Monetary Situation: After this sani peyarchi, monetary situation Improves slowly but steadily and considerably. Towards the end, you can attain a good position. Invest slowly with better advise. If you dont keep vigil, you may suffer losses. Theft is a slight possibility. loss due to fire, accidents are possible.

For businessman: Monetary wise, sani peyarchi helps you to improve better than last time. New customers and those who left you, may turn to you slowly. Honour your commitments. speak politely. Reputation slightly improves. Bad debts slightly comes down. Invest wisely with proper care and advise. Do not expand vigorously. Life definitely see some positive changes.

For Employees: Sani peyarchi is not going to end your problems. The problem will continue. Slight improvement possible but it will hit due to family feud and health. Do not engage in gossip. Salary and promotion will not be good but not as bad as previous years. Sudden and unfavourable transfers are possible.  Do not leave your job unless being kicked out.  Accept undesirable transfers too. Lapses will make your life miserable and you will be punished even for small mistakes. With sani prayers, japa and parihara, you can reduce the effect of Sani peyarchi. Same issue continues even after this saturn transit to Thula in 2014.

Students: Saturn transit in 2014 is not going to stop anything. Problem continues. Studies will suffer. with hard work and continuous prayers and frequent visit to temples will help you to a good extent. Shani japa definitely helpful to you.

Public Personalities: After this sani peyarchi, things slowly improves. Bad time is almost over. By working hard, you can make up for the loss. Take care of your health and keep away from unwanted relationship. Do not give your comments unless requested. Separation in family is very much a possibility unless you maintain it well.

Woman: This sani peyarchi is not good for woman. Misunderstanding with husband will make your life more miserable. Do not fight with your inlaws and relatives. Children may not hear your opinion or words. But dont worry. Keep patience which gives you many many benefits in future. Problems slowly comes down and you can see some positive changes. Health is a major worry which take a heavy toll of your life. If you dont take care petty diseases, it may turn fatal too.

Senior Citizen: Sani peyarchi will be worse for Senior citizen of Thula. Health Problem continues but with a new level. Those who never affect healthwise, will start suffering from old age related diseases. Monetary problem continues and family relation may not improve. Pray Shani to pass this period with minimal losses.

About Shani and prediction: (Please read the next 5 points carefully before reading this shani prediction, which may help you understand the prediction in right spirit)

  1. We do not add any masala or soothe or appease or exaggerate the predictions. Given are the predictions as described in many vedic & historic shastras, samhitas and Siddar’s (Saint’s) verses.
  2. Shani got the reward of Eshwar (Shanieswar) because of its impartiality in performing its duties. Even Gods were not spared from the clutches of Shani as per puranas.
  3. Shani is Ayul Karagan(Looks after life, health & Justice): Unlike other planets which are incharge of secondary things (wealth, career), Shani affects the primary, OUR LIFE itself.  That is why shani is most feared out of all the planets concerned.
  1. Job of Shani: Shani acts like a combination of a “Strict Super Cop + Honest Judge”.  Shani not only catches the culprit but punishes them too.  So when Shani is not in our favour, it is always highly advisable to keep a clean character, avoid cheating & honour commitments.
  1. Sani Archana: We encourage people to join in our 48 weeks archana. Albeit, pleasing sani completely is almost impossible, I believe something is better than nothing..

These transit prediction may vary from person to person depends upon the strength of their Horoscope and Dasa Bhukthi. Consult your astrologer before taking any important decision. .

INDIVIDUAL PREDICTION: Thousands of people calling us for Individual prediction. Our main initiative is to help people getting the 4 fundamental elements. Hence, we are not carrying out individual horoscope predictions.

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  1. DEAR SIR,


  2. Appa’s child

    I am 50 yrs completed now. I am undergoing difficult life throughout my life time. Friends, relatives everybody betrays me. Conflict with spouse. I am great devotee. Every Saturday I do archana to Lord Sani bhavan, light thil lamp, hanuman archanai, vettali malai, arugampu to vinayaka, prodosha darshan. ekadasi vratham, pithru tharpanam by my husband ( he is with arthashtama sani) .He has little devotion to god. If anything goes wrong he will abuse god badly. That kills me. I never scold anybody. He scods everybody. I do all monetaqry help to my bro, sis and their family. But they are all acting as if they are affectionate withme. Sani Bhagvan taught me good lesson to understand people during this period. Number of times, I thought of committing suicide esp. coz of my spous’s behaviour. Whenever I express my grievance to my sister or mother they used think bad about me, deeming me to be emotional and sensitive. I don’t have child. I don’t have anybody’s help from both sides. I lost my helath, wealth. I got three surgeries in my life. Still my health is not ok. Though my husband is intelligent and is well employed, his behaviour(IQ) is like twelve yr old boy in the world. I believe my karma and my husband’s karma are bad, that’s why we don’t hv anybody with us. V r not being recognised for our good deeds. I help poor, beggar, homes, relatives, friends. I am praying god whenever I find my mental helath is ok. what to do.

  3. Hi, I am Balakumar DOB 11/06/1965 Vishaka Nakshatram Tula Rasi.
    Though I have job but since Apr-2011 till Aug-2015 there was no increament. Hence I joined new job of MNC but that also not upto my satisfaction. Since 2006 onwards I was away from my family. But due to money requirements, I am unable to leave my job.
    When my life be stabilled and when can I reunite with my family and when can I come out from the distress.

  4. I belong to Thulam rasi and Visaka Star. I am facing a lot of problems due to this Sani Bhagwan Effects. Got married before 2.5 years and not lived peaceful life. Everyday i have crossed days with so much depression, stress and no respects and recognition from my peers and superiors in office. I am not blessed with baby though taking medical treatments. At last, My wife left out me thinking herself that she cant live peacefully with me. Her parents also brainwashed her in a short stint and made her ready for another marriage. I showered true love to her; but she never understood me in those days. Now i am alone in my life. Request you to give me some pariharas to get relieved from the Sani Bhagwan effects. When i will get peaceful days in my life? I feel very guilty that i am being a burden to my family and even sometimes thinking why i should live in this place? Want to go away where no one can find out me.

  5. Hi,

    I am Deepak having thula rasi with vishakam. D.O,B is 14/01/1988.Since 2012 i am facing lot of problems in my work life.I am not getting any appreciation and encouragement from my superior / management even i am working very sincere and hard.suddenly i was terminated from my company without any valid reason and became i am trying very hard to get a good and peaceful job to enhance my career.but i m getting negative results in my job search due to my bad time (sani).i cannot lead a happy life without a job as my entire family depends on my income.kindly advise me how to get relief from sani effect.kindly tell me when will i get a good job to enhance my career and future life..

  6. Sir/
    I’m sowmya belongs to libra.. visagam
    Dob: 31.8.1995
    time:6.50 pm..
    I have been suffering from a lots of problems.. I really don’t know y this shits happening to me..I think the god sani hates me.that’s why he always gives suffers to me.. my life moves on problems.. I’m tired of facing it. There is no happiness in my life.if I smile once , later I cry thrice (un expected).
    Really I hate my life.. please say some suggestions to me..Y I am facing troubles at this age..unwanted fears,depression, stresses kills me everyday.. tell me please please…

    1. Pls. Pray regularly every morning and evening, after your simple stretches, breathing Technics and Meditate for 20 minutes.

      Always Good supports will come from unexpected ways, the way unexpected problems raised.

      My situation is also the same like you, but living with family in UAE.

      I do the same whatever i suggested to you.



      1. thank you…I also feel the same depression, boredom, fatigue, despite having no much work..
        people don’t respect and feeling lonely always..

  7. My d.o.b is 05-08-1992 i am having thulam rasi with suvathi natchathiram when will the sani thisai end, and it produce any problm to me

  8. Govindan Says
    My date of birth is 05/06/1971.My raasi is thulam and swathi natchathiram,I am facing lot of problems in job,finance problem,no happiness in my family,Health problem, drinking habit.
    I want to leave a peaceful life.

    Please tell me when will I come out from all my problems

  9. Naku chala problems .. Asalu happynes ledu. Enka anni rojulu e sani untundi.. Nd na future ala health kuda bhagoledu.. Appudu na life lo happy ga untanu.. Dani kosam am cheyali… Pls… Ans me…

  10. Hi,
    MY DOB 02/10/1989
    thula rasi and swathi natchathiram

    I am suffering from lot things. I got married in june 2014 and immediately i got pregnant and delivered a baby girl in feb 2015, I am staying in USA with my husband. Its an arranged marriage and we still don’t know much about each other. So much of misunderstanding nad we are fighting everyday. Now I feel my husband is having an affair, but he is not agreeing. No one is believing me if i tell about his affair. He must have expected a very beautiful girl, i am not that great. I also argued a lot with his parents and with him even for small things when i was pregnant and after delivery. He never took me out alone. He always accompanied his friends and family with us. He never wants a private life with me. He sleeps away and avoids talking with me. But if I question him he is getting angry. He is very short tempered person. He just gets irritated seeing my face or talking thats why he is avoiding me. But before marriage he was so good not at all like this. I couldn’t judge him at all. He watches lot of po** movies and has lot of friends. HE always keeps his mobile and laptops locked. Once i read his messages with a his old friend who is married and has 2 kids. They do video chats and all stuffs and speak dirty things looks like. After that only I have started suspecting him. Then I came to know thats why he is avoiding me. He is carrying out his responsibilities properly but still hides his affair. I feel he has some kind of addiction too. He is not emotional and very caring towards anyone. He is beating me a lot if I question him about his affair. He gets up midnight and checks if I am sleeping and doing something secretly. Otherwise he is acting very affectionate and good. I am not able to believe anything. Whatever I do to bring him back is going waste. We have not done anything bad to anyone. My parents and I didn’t even dream this would happen to me. What will I do with the kid? Myself and My kid need my husband back. When will he leave all these bad things and understand our true love for him? When our life will shine again. All these things I have seen in cinema only, I am not able handle the pressure. I am crying everyday helpless and hopeless. I really want to live with him happily. Please tell me pariharas. I don’t want to divorce or leave him atleast for our daughter. I have not even started my life with him. But it looks like he is fed up me and want to leave. I am not able sleep or live peacefully. I am longing for my husbands love which I was expecting from beginning of our marriage. Please help me , I have no one to help

    1. vairam from the above statement you are a family girl who is facing a lot of hard things. first of all i not a good astrologist but still i run through some jatagams see thing for me because i believe it so . you just stated that you are facing a lot worst things from your husband and it is very hard for me know it from the statement.. i am also thula rasi cheteri as a man me to faced a lot for this past 6-7 years example: end up in police station for things for not i have involved, lost my sensation and activities of my legs due to spinal problem then mange to recover from it by doing some complicated surgeries, personally had finance problem , now lost my job no seating in home for nothing and still having some financial problems become of it , see vairam there are two things is the sole reason for this, one is yes the day we born(jatagam) second thing is karma what we did in the past by us and by our parents and there. the sole solution is having belief in (god) what you believe the most . that’s what i did ya i got some results to. You are in US i hope you will find some temple with navagragam better chose a sivan temple try to pray with full belief on it with a positive thoughts it will take time and need lot of patients with end of this last dec 17. you will get some good results . i hope you will get better soon

    2. Dear Vairam,

      Sad to know that you are suffering a lot and i understand that you have tried all the best possible to keep him with you. The only solution you should do what he like it might be dressing, Watching a movie or going out.

      As you know For thula Rasi is not a great time and Shani will be end for this Rasi on Oct 2017 and after that he should be ok.

    3. The only way u can win the heart of your husband is to accept him with all his childish behavior.Be romantic and glamorous so as to attract him.stop doubting be friendly and due time u would be in the driver’s seat.

  11. I was married in May 2012. It is nearly 4 years now and still I have not got putra prapthi. I keep visiting doctor for the past 3 years with no result. I am feeling very depressed and all my relatives keep asking me why I am not able to conceive. I was born on 26/09/1987 and my star is Swathi.

    1. Divya,

      Actually i am not an Astrology person also i am not a Doctor i don’t know whether you will accept my point or not, i just thought of advise you something which i know.

      please don’t be depressed it may give you the problem physically and mentally. Be cool and calm have good time with your husband especially when you are going to bed.

      Do meditation every day 10 minute before you go to bed, forget all tension and expectation have wonderful time with your husband you will get a possitive result soon.

      Thank you.

  12. Hello,

    Thank you for wonderful article. Everything you said is true and I have been going through this since, September 2009. However, I have been helped in worst times, and I feel some force is watching us and helping us. As for as sade sati is concerned, everyone has to go through and learn from it. Only thing one should do is keep focused and do not loose hope. I really like the article hope to see predictions based on kundali. I am still experiencing tough times. Can you analyze based on my birth details. Hope to see you comments….

    Name: Bhimanna
    Date: May 22, 1978
    Time: Morning, 5:28 am
    Place: Nidagundi, near bagalakot, Karnataka.

    Thank you…

  13. Hi,
    My rasi is thulam rasi & swati nakchatiram. Born in 29th October 1989.
    From my childhood onward I am struggling a lot financially. And from my childhood i am thinking of my cousine, desiring to marriage him (Kadaka rasi & punarpusam nakchathiram – Born in 25th July 1987). But last two years feeling financially good. But, now last 3 months everything gone very worst. Job gone, got fracture in leg & my parents against my love. And my cousin also not showing interesting on me.
    Will all these three will go fine? I am expecting good words from you.
    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi,
      I am rajasekar.s.I born on 26.5.1991 thulam rasi and swathi natchatiram.i am completed BE and ME in electronics field.I got job on september 2014 but i quit it bcoz my owner always given me to do travelling work.when will i get the job?

  14. i was born on 26/09/1987 at 13:49 hrs in Chennai.

    When will i conceive?
    My husband was born on 30/01/1987 at 16:16 hrs in Srirangam (near Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu)
    Our marriage date is 23/05/2012

  15. Iam facing lots of difficulties in jobs since 2009.Iam of chothi nakshathram. Thula rasi. My marriage is fixed on april 17th and i lost my job now. Coming accross lots of difficulties in life since 2015. No stability in jobs. Either the proces close or i loose my jobs. Dont know when iam going to be settled in life.I get unncessearily abuses from my boss eventhough i havent done any wrong thing. Fed up of this life. No more hopes. Only with me all things happen i guess. Iam 27 years old now. This astrology and bad luck and all are true i feel now. Iam mentally strong now as iam facing this since long time. Used to it now. No more expectations

  16. Sir, it Is possible to get your contact info. If yes please mail me your details. I have few queries. I too got affected by this period and still stuck in life. From 2009 still now. So please help.

  17. DOB- OCTOBER 31, 1997 TIME – 5:05 pm. Mangalore

    I have just completed my 12th standard. I have lot of confusion with further education decisions because I dint get good marks. Please guide me as very worried and scared to take a wrong decision. Thanks a lot Sir.

  18. Hi ,
    I am Sridhar, my DOB : 22/9/71, Time: 11:50 am, Place: Sindri (Jharkhand). I work as a General Manager in a major healthcare organisation in India.
    At present I am passing through the last phase of Sade Sati Sani.I went through one of the worst phase of my life between September 2009 to until recently or still going on.Lost my job frequently and many times. I would further like to share few things with you all, I was in a very comfortable position as far as job or personal life was concerned before september 2009 but all of sudden , disasterous events started in my life.I changed as many as 5 companies in last 5 years and was 36 months ( 3 years ) I remain unemployed.Lost passion for life.Frequent fight with spouse for no reasons.Was doing well financially.But now I am in huge debt.Depression at its highest point.Abused in the family circle for inconsistent in job and finance.During this period, I have to sold my two wheeler bike to meet the school fees for my child.I lost all the gold ornaments which I had earned through my hard work.
    I went thru many astrology websites and even spoke few astrologers.No solutions – no answers.I was advised to pray lord Sani Dev on every saturday.Done everything, but with no results.Problems still persisting and never ending.But still………
    Dear Friends, be positive.Avoid depression.Have self confidence.Everytime, I go to temple on saturdays, I could see my problems are either dubbled or new ones emerge.But still, I now feel that this last 5 yrs. have made me strong and provided me an opportunity to evolve new techniques and thought to get out of the bad situations.When I look at beggers or workers at roadside, I feel that I am far more better than them.Should consistently thrive to get better and out of this phase.Thanks, I think elaborated a lot.Just believe ourselves and in God things will improve.

  19. Guys Pray saibaba and shani bhagwan dont loose hope at some point you will find the solution and push in ur life. just be away from non veg and drinking it definitely helps.

  20. My dob is 31.12.1987..I will give my ca final exam from 2nd may..I want to know that will I clear my exams or not…

  21. i am going to take my final exam.will i get pass or my study improve??my d.o.b is 18.08.1988 7.45 p.m purulia i am going under last phase of shani sade sati.please reply

  22. Hi,
    I wud like to get a reply for this.
    I was suffering for the last 5 years. I got married n 2009 and the married life was worse. I suffered a lot. Went thru lot f things and now i have baby. But still Im not happy with the way my husband is to me. He s trying to change but basic things like thought process cant be changed no. I was thinkin f divorce, but now may b as shani s down no major issues. But im not happy wth a person like him. I m in touch with a friend of mine and im falling n love with him. I would like to know wthr i can choose the new person and get a divorce during this next 3 yrs time of shani. Will it be good for me.or is it bad to take a decision during ths period of time.
    Pls reply

  23. Hi

    i js tried to remove my 2 yrs past from my memory but i cant. cz i got a job and lost it .ii was in same mental depression till now.unable to leave my dreams..ssimultaneously am not getting any job too..hope so my fate never thula ,swathi .aug 5th 1992

  24. hello everyone .

    NAME : Shivam mishra
    DOB : 22 / 05 / 1986
    PLACE: Dombivli ( maharashtra)
    TIME :07:30 AM

    I am almost reaching 30. Still not doing anything and have shani last phase .
    i have 1 child baby of 1 year and fully dependent on father income.
    my life is useless and living life in shame.
    Still i have hope that someday it will change .
    may be i get answer here with anybunknown freind.
    thx for reading my story and hope you will gv me some remedies.

  25. when i will get married…….and tell me about my education.
    dob…1993/12/10 at 3 pm…
    my rasi= tula (swati)……..plz rply soon……..

    1. Sorry Madam, we are not doing astrological consultation as we concentrate only on japas and prayers. We cannot do both astrology and prayers simultaneously as both requires lots of dedicated time. We cannot ride on 2 horses. If we do, we are not doing justice to both



  26. DOB 29 April 1991.
    Time 6.05am
    I dont have confidence. I am not getting any job from 1yr. When will I be released from all the problem.

    1. Currently you are under sani sade sati period. Last phase of sani sade sati will be over in 2017. So you are facing mental stress and tension. In last phase, you will not get the desire result. Your progress will be slow in every matter. You only need to continue your good karma, you will get result at the end of this phase. If you do anything bad, you will get bad result.

      I saw your kundali as per the details provided by you. Your kundali is really good. You will achieve tremendous succcess in whichever field you decide to pursue your career. In most part of the life, you will have good health and wealth. You will marry to good person. As per your kundali, to get the benefit. You need to follow the below remedies

      1. You need to daily offer water to lord sun and chant “Om Suryay namah”. Use the copper glass.
      2. Till 2017 to reduce the malefic effect of lord sani, you need to do hanuman chalisa 11 times on saturday and if possible also keep fast on saturday.
      3. Try to help elder persons in your family like some household work or something.

      1. My date of birth – 4th march 1991 timings : 5 :10 PM to 5:15 PM. Can you please let me know about my job and marriage

  27. Ha ha ha. Me too wants to embrace death. Gone through very bad period. Thrown out of inlaws house, husband dead, father dead, brother commited suicide, uncles dead, job quit, stained name, wot more. Is anything left? Sis and mother against me. Wot to do. Cant the same shani tell his brother yama and give me death. Soul still sticking. Dont cry my friends. Laugh. Gone is gone. We also need to exit this earth

    1. Vanakam Rajes.
      Read ur unfortunate life destiny. There is no earthly or heavenly use in praying to any god and goddessess. It is said that we have carried bags and bags of our karma frm our previous life. Not sure if that is true. BUT if it is, my thots r to finish them in this birth. I m not very happy to say this. I married my best friend for 36 yrs now. Believe it or not, we dont know each other till date. We fight for no apparent reasons, baseless. i m a very caring n lovable person, longing for true unconditional love, which i didnt recv frm her. She lives in the past. She eats breath n sleep in the past. Rajes, people who hv left you, PLEASE LET THEM GO, frm ur thots. Please dont carry them with you. You r adding their load as well as yours. You have ur destiny, happiness n obligations which is given to you in your log book. Tick them as you go. Some day when you look back, u will appreciate n move on. When u plant a seed, eventually it bear fruits, n nourishes millions. As for you, there r people out there who will be happy with ur existence around them. As u can see i m one of them to share this msg with you. “YOU ARE NOT ALONE, WOMEN”. Go out and reach the stars. Be happy. Death is not in ur hands now.
      Take care n god bless you. Where r you from. I m frm canada, original frm singapore. Hope this msg reach you.

  28. I am dhanu my date of birth 13 July 1989 Tula raasi swathi nakshathra I am realy in very bad condition I can’t breathe because I am suffering from saadesaathi I lost my happiness I lost my love I lost my home I lost so much of money I am really not enough because I was did so many bad things that’s why god punishing me really shani parathma is true god of universe… Please god I need my love please…

  29. hi to all,
    by birth i faced soo many problems. even now also but i don’t know how to overcome them. life is going very badly. my DOB 12.08.1986 12:30am. everyone hates me even i lost my job bcz of this bad period. my father always blame me for doing things. plz tell me any remedies for this sani sadesati. i lost so many things like job, life partner, happy days. as a woman how can face these things. i can’t live without job in my family because my father always criticism.plz plz tell me any remedies for this situation
    from my age 5th upto now i attempted soo many times suicide but always escaped from good situation because i love death i want to die plz tell me how to die

    1. Hi sujatha
      Dear dont worry things will be fine and ending your life is not the solution to your problems, even dont please think of this. Try to face your problems… and pray to god.. things dont remain same… after a dark night there is a day so just be patient..

      1. Pls don’t do anything like that. Act like deaf that’s it. Sit calm and prey well. Go to Suriya Narayan temple there kol vinai theertha vinayagar will remove all your sorrows. Definitely you will get relief.

    2. Hi Sujatha ,
      Please don’t commit suicide and it is also a big sin. There is a solution for every problem . Pray god and chant his name he won’t let you down.
      Jai Sairam

    3. You need to do japa atleast for 30 minutes everyday to get out of negative vibration (negative attitude) and get lots of positive vibration.
      Japa is nothing but an exercise to the mind. Just walk 35 minutes in the morning and after taking bath, do japa for 25-30 minutes daily. Slowly, you can start attracting everyone as your mind change.
      Life is nothing but mind. when the mind is positive, life become positive.
      There are no tools in the world to recharge vibration except going to temple or doing japa. So, please do japa daily for sometime, you can see lots of positive difference in your life.


      You can also write to me or speak to me anytime.

  30. My date of birth is 21/4/1989,i was born on thula rashi chita nakshatra,i am facing lots of problem in my career,not able to change my current job its very terrible,environment of my work place its really terrible,horrible etc,i left alone in all the place,misunderstanding with my relatives,not all in relatives in all the ways i am corned & left alone unable to digest it,sum times feel y i ve to b still in this world,Till now knowingly i ddint harm any people surrounding me,but y am i facing lot of issues,Every Saturday i wil be fasting for sanieshwara bhagwan but still he not showing mercy on me dono y,mentally i am disturbed a lot,i am getting blasting from all the relatives when it is not my mistakes also sum times feels like to attempt suicide also
    I am person who has to look after my family but i am not getting an gud career in my life

  31. shani is not a dreaded one. It is dreaded for those who live unjustly. always people who live unjustly are to be punished in some time in their life so do not have to dread shani bhagwan. God is not a god if he will do bad things to all. Live a good and just life and all will go well even in bad times. I do not believe in these shani peyarchi. sow good things and you reap good ones. that’s it. God do not punish good people .do not see god as a demon. have a fellowship with god and understand he is always there for us if we seek not believe in 71/2 shani peyarchi. its all business tactics to mislead us. its utter nonsense.

  32. Dear Friends,

    I understand how does it feel that all of us going thru the same I am also Thulam rasi swathi. Nobody and no god will help us if we don’t wake up. increase your positive mind, be strong and just face it once for all. Nothing will harm us if we don’t fight back. God exist but will not come down and help but will show us the way to overcome. Why we need to visit get rid the negative aura and collect the positive energy from the temple. Instead of worrying do something to collect the positive energy.

    1. * Revathi Nathan…KL…Malaysian.
      Please i beg all of u…please do not get disturbed with the planets they are just doing their duty like us too. So dont be afraid of them. Keep with you all the time the 5 elements metal which creates the positive energy. I have faced..n going thru 7.5 years sade sathi but with the guidance I stay positive and be cool. Take care just be strong…always believe what ever happens happen for a reason..

  33. Dear Friends,

    My d.o.b. 2.11.1986,I m experiencing the worst period of my life now. I was born on swathi nakshatra n tulam rasi, unable to visit sani temple near by. I have lost a lump of money and everyone around me r against me including my parnts. When wil this come to an end? Even thinking to commit suicide.
    The abv said prediction was 1oo% true and all the above i m experiencing together in my life now.

    1. Madam

      Generally, We restrict ourself with general prediction and we never do astrological consultation for individual as astrology is a ocean and it takes hours even to analyse one horoscope and foresee prediction just for a couple of years considering 9 planets, it sancharas, Dasa, Bhukthi and Antara. Even if we analayse, we will ask you to goto god. Why dont we goto god directly?
      Our main initiative is to concentrate on prayers and motivate people to do japa without any fear or failure.
      But after reading few lines in the comment, i am replying. Please have some patience. Wait for 3 more months. You will see some light at the end of May (after june). dont worry. Even me too a tula rasi and i am also going through a difficult period. Dont worry. Pray god. If you are not able to go to temple, please read sani mantras. Even you do not know any mantra, atleast say “Om Namah Shivaya” 20 minutes every day in the morning after taking bath.

      1. madam,i was also born on swathi nakshatra iam doing ca articles i passed my ca inter recently my friends didn’t cleared that exam i believe in only in had work don’t hate ur parents they will always love u and pls don’t even think about suicide may god bless u i will also pray for u

      2. madam,i was also born on swathi nakshatra iam doing ca articles i passed my ca inter recently my friends didn’t cleared that exam i believe in only in had work don’t hate ur parents they will always love u and pls don’t even think about suicide may god bless u i will also pray for u

  34. Hi,

    I’m really surprised to see the predictions. Most of the things said in the prediction had just happened(ing) to me. But then,I believe I’m having some peace just because of keeping up my character,honesty and some prayers.
    I’m still in tough time with my job but it was worst for me prior to 5months.People who longed me left for no reason.I was the best performer in my previous team but no recognition happened whereas people praisers got promoted. (I was transferred few months back to another department without any pay raise -unfavourable transfer, however I escaped the worst tortures from my previous team due to this uncertain trasnfer). I’m the person of self confidence,many elderly people take my advise for their critical problems, but this sani peyarchi (period between july 2012 & 2013) had just put me to the bottom , got fear to live life, facing people, unwanted thoughts like attempting suicide, what not… every possible sufferings. But I really thank god for listening to my prayers, I’m having atleast some peace and happiness)not like before but to an extent).

    I wish this turmoil gets over soon.

    I’m going to visit sani in shiva temple as and when possible.

    I have been saying sani slogas from the age of 10(now I’m in mid 20’s)that is also one reason for keeping up some level of confidence.

    People please don’t get bugged by my long comment, these are all my sufferings which I felt like saying here.

    Romba sondanai pannalum Sani ena kai vidama erukarunu namburan. Ungla suthi vanthavangalam oru karanamum ellama ungla sattai panama pona oru vali varume (ignoring is most chronic). Enaku en self esteem sende pakra madri dan neriaya nadnthuchu..

    I’m going to move on positively hoping sani will help me to attain good in future.

  35. Janma sani is affecting my life a lot. Heath is ruined and so is personal rship. I would be greatful to sani if I get through without a breakup.

  36. you have given wrong prediction about shani transit for thula rasi . your narration about shani is correct but prediction is wrong. saturn will give help to the tula rasi people in this period. some peoples lives were elevated. probems are there every where. as a human he has to face all dark and ights of life. due to your wrong prdiction lot of people are getting disturbed. dont write like this with half knowledged languages.

  37. I was born on 13th January 1977. I have sade sati. I am facing mental stress which makes me upset what should i do.


  38. Hi,

    I’m going through Sade sati, facing lots of trouble n financial problems, Im not getting salary from past 6 months, even after putting so many effort, life has become a living hell.

    Please give me some suggestions,


    1. Vivek ji,
      Reading your comment seems as if I wrote it myself explaining about my own condition. I am going through Sade Sati and I didn’t earn a single penny since May. I lost interest in my reserach work and lost focus.
      I can’t even go to a Shani temple for remeady as there are not Shani dev’s temple near by my house.

  39. My husband’s date of birth is on 8th october 1964 he is facing a very bad situation.when he will overcome this and is there a change of place?

  40. My husband’s death is 8th october 1964 thula rasi.he is facing a very bad situation.please advise when he will overcome and whether
    there will be change of place.

  41. my name is s.rajesh, born on 24/11/1973, my rasi is thulam and nakshtra visakam, pl advise me on 7/1/2 shani and when it is getting completly over, your prediction sr almost true.. am in a very bad financial condition pl advise how do i regain my business , reputation and peace in life.

  42. I was born in 8th june 1968, As of now till how month it will take to complete my sani kata & pls suggest me


  43. Your prediction on sani payarchi is 100% correct in my life.My rasi is thulam and rasi- swathi. when I will leave from this period.


  44. Lord shani acts as a break to ur illegal acts so my suggestion is to pray him and he wil give you the best of all the time

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