Sani Peyarchi 2014 will take place on 16th Dec 2014 as per Vakya Panchang which is the traditional and followed in all Temples including Thirunallaru. Hence we follow the same and the Sani Peyarchi prediction for 2014-2017 will be uploaded within a week’s Time (before 10th November 2014)

Archana for 48 weeks on Saturdays at famous sani temples: Also, we are going to go and perform Archana every Saturday at various temple known for sani preethi for 48 weeks one by one covering Thirunallaru, Kuchanoor, Thirukollikadu, Srirangam & Thirumogur Chakrathalwar, Namakkal & Kallukuzhi Anjaneyar, Bhraiva Temples etc. More details about this archana at famous temples in Tamilnadu for Sani Preethi will be informed soon. As we need to do archana on Saturdays and all these temples are famous temples for sani preethi, crowd will be more and hence we can do archana only for few people. Hence, we request only those who really are having lots of problems and requires this sani preethi Archana desparately are requested to join by paying the required money which will be informed soon. We plan to enroll maximum of 20 persons as more than this, very difficult to take sankalpa archana individually at the temple.


Sani Peyarchi 2011-2012-2013-2014 (Dec 2011 – Dec. 2014)  for Tulam – Saturn transit prediction Dec (2011 – Dec. 2014) for LIBRA – Sade Sati Predictions for Tula – Libra.
Thula-tula [Chitra-Chithirai(3-4),Swathi-chothi, vishaka-visakam(1-3)]

Sani comes to Tula Rasi on 21.12.2011, which is it Ucha Veedu (Sani exalted in Tula – Libra). Sani will become most powerful in Tula rasi than other Rasis. (Means we are going to see “Sani Special” in the next 3 years)

Bad period over but brings worser one:  After Sani Peyarchi 2011, Viraya Sani (first part of 7 1/2 Sani) is over but Janma Sani (Sani in Janma Rasi) started. This is worser than the previous period for Problems to health, job, realtionship and family is very much on the cards. Also chances of doing karma for aged & sick parents is very much a possibility

Non-tamils: Please read Sani as Saturn; Peyarchi as Transit; Rasi as Zodiac; (Rasi – zodiac names are on left). Note: These predictions are based on Moon Signs (not Sun Signs)

Sani Peyarchi Prediction for the period Dec. 2011 – Dec 2014:

2 and half years of Sani is over. Sani was in your 12th house which is viraya sthana all these years. Its gives lots of problems in monetary terms.

This sani peyarchi bring Sani to your Rasi – Thula which is the worst period a person can ever have. (Janma sani & Sani in 8th house -(affected rasi Meena – Pisces) are the most harmful.)

Purana says, when Sani was born, Sun went into eclipse. (Sani and Yama are sons of SUN). As per purana, not only kings like Dasaratha (Ram’s father), Vikramaditya, Harichandra & Nala suffered but also Gods includes Siva, Krishna, Guru, Ram & Sita, Pandavas, Ravan etc. all had problems when Sani was not in their favour and punish for their wrongdoings.

But one consolation for Thula (Libra) Rasi is, Shani is friendly to Thula – Libra, so with prayers and parihara, people of Thula can reduce its effect to a considerable extent. Do not forget to visit Sani Bhagwan in Shiva temple. Also try every known & possible parihara for sani to pass this period without much damage.

Ok, lets see whats sani peyarchi has in store for Thula in this Janma Sani:

Sani definitely punish for the guilty and if you are doing any illegal business, please stop at once. Otherwise, imprisonment is 100% sure. Also Janma sani is known to give fear of life or equilant loss, dangerous diseases, fire accidents and food poison.

Janma sani may bring even a rich people to the streets. Not only your friends but even close relatives will turn foe. Separation possible in husband & wife. Avoid getting into illegal affairs.

Income will reduce, unfavourable transfer, tiresome and loss of confidence and morality are in the offering.

Doing karma (last rites) for parents are being told as a possibility in jothida books. So if you have any old & sick parents, please take care of them. Also, if you have avoided your parents all these days, please bring them and request them to stay with you. Their curse will have a huge effect as Sani never leave you. If any people who born in Thula neglected their parents due to wife or some other instance, please convince them and bring your parents immediately to your home and take care of them.

Do not venture into new things. Avoid arguments otherwise you may spend your time unnecessarily in court rooms. Be patient and honour all your commitments without fail.

Be very careful with Government and do not hide or do any illegal things. You will be caught easily due to sani’s presence.

Confidence, morale, Energy all comes down. But dont worry. Sani will trouble the people of Thula but never leave them empty handed.

Do not forget to please sani as sani is friendly planet to your Rasi.

If you dont commit mistakes knowingly and cheat & do unlawful things, you can manage this period with Sani preethi mantras.

Also help more disabled people (Sani is handicapped) frequently.

Category-wise (age, employees, woman, businessman, old people, students) Sanipeyarchi (Sade-sati – Seven and half years Shani) predictions published below.

0-30 Years: Sani Peyarchi and Sani problem may not be much. Infact, you can reap some benefits till you do things within the legal means. Health issues can be easily solved with proper prayers and by doing good things and helping disabled. Concentration, Confidence, Self-esteem will get hurt.

30-60 Years: After this sani peyarchi, you should be doubly careful. Honour the commitments made. Settle long pending debts immediately. Should take care of your health. Please make proper arrangements for expenses. (It is always better to have a good medical policies). Wife will become sick and hospitalisation is a possibility. Always keep sufficient money in hand for any emergency. If you have a sick & old parents, chances of loosing them is a rule. Depression, illegal affair, court cases, fights with neighbours and in office, loosing your reputation & name are always there. But again, Shani is a close planet and until you are having a clean slate and with prayers, you can definitely handle sani easier than any other rasi.

Above 60 years: If Maraka Dasa is running, death is unavoidable. Shani peyarchi is worst for you. Otherwise, problems equivalent to death occurs unless you have a strong Horoscope & a decent Dasa-Bhukthi is running. Physically & mentally, you will feel down. Prayers and Dhyana can give peace which inturn helps you to reduce the fear of ….. If you had cheated anyone with money, please repay. If Cheated through physical or other means, do good to them by either appropriating some portion of your asset or by any other kind.

Warning: Sani peyarchi is not a good one.  Everything is bad. Do not take chances. Go to Shani Sthala and offer prayers. Also perform simple Shani pariharas and preethis as much as possible. Help as many disabled as possible.

(Welcome all visitors to use Sani Japa being done From Dec 2011 – Nov 2012 1st Phase. Goto Sani Japa)

Monetary Situation: As already you are running Viraya Shani for the last couple of years, after this sani peyarchi, either the same situation continues or slightly improve. (Dont worry, Shani this time concentrates on your health & reputation rather than money)

For businessman: Monetary wise, read the above paragraph. But reputation may come down. You may find it difficult to honour your commitments. Bad debts increases. If you are venturing into illegal or anti-government activities, 100% sure you will be put in Jail. Please stop all bad things you were doing till date. Keep distance with your female workers.

For Employees: This sani peyarchi is very bad for you. Worser than last couple of years. Salary & promotion will be a possibility if you have a good character in the official job. Keep distance with your female colleagues. If you have a female boss, think twice before uttering a word. Give utmost respect to woman. Do not argue or over excited. Accept undesirable transfers too. Lapses will make your life miserable and you will be punished even for small mistakes.

Students: Do not give much importance to the shani peyarchi prediction. Just concentrate on your studies and go to shani temple every saturday and light oil-lamp. Eventhough concentration & memory power comes down, handwriting become poorer, you can compensate this with more practice and hardwork. Prayers will definitely helps you than any other category people of Thula.

Public Personalities: Oh my god. After this sani peyarchi 2011, you Should be very careful. Your no.1 enemy is your mouth. Please shut it as much as possible. Innumerable oppurtunity of Illegal affairs comes on your way but it is in your hands how you are going to tackle. It not only going to give you lot of pleasure but also brings bad reputation and spoil your character. With bad contacts, few may grow but dont know how far they can go.

Woman: Sani peyarchi bring Very bad period not only with your health but also in family affair. If Sani is not able to trouble with your health, he definitely trouble with your character. Husband may have doubt on your character. Please live like Caeser’s wife. (should be above suspicion). You are about to get chances after chances of indecent proposals.  Family separation, female health problems, in-law problem increases are very much a possibility. While cooking in the kitchen, please follow all fire safety advises as Janma Sani brings fire burns too often. 

Senior Citizen: After this Shani Peyarchi December 2011, Health condition worsen unless you have a good horoscope and great Dasa-Bhukti. With prayers and pariharas, you can postpone the problems. If you are very old and severely sick, please apportion assets accordingly.

About Shani and prediction: (Please read the next 5 points carefully before reading this shani prediction, which may help you understand the prediction in right spirit)

1. We do not add any masala or soothe or appease or exaggerate the predictions. Given are the predictions as described in many vedic & historic shastras, samhitas and Siddar’s (Saint’s) verses.
2.  Shani got the reward of Eshwar (Shanieswar) because of its impartiality in performing its duties. Even Gods were not spared from the clutches of Shani as per puranas.
3. Shani is Ayul Karagan (Looks after life, health & Justice): Unlike other planets which are incharge of secondary things (wealth, career), Shani affects the primary, OUR LIFE itself.  That is why shani is most feared out of all the planets concerned.
4. Job of Shani: Shani acts like a combination of a “Strict Super Cop + Honest Judge”.  Shani not only catches the culprit but punishes them too.  So when Shani is not in our favour, it is always highly advisable to keep a clean character, avoid cheating & honour commitments.
5. Sani Japa: We encourage every visitor to join in our Sani Japa without fail. (We are initially going to do it for a year, (Till Shani in Chitra Nakshatra – Dec 2011-Nov 2012). Albeit, pleasing sani is almost impossible, I believe something is better than nothing. Shani Japa Details.
 These transit prediction may vary from person to person depends upon the strength of their Horoscope and Dasa Bhukthi. Consult your astrologer before taking any important decision. .

INDIVIDUAL PREDICTION: Thousands of people calling us for Individual prediction. Our main initiative is to help people getting the 4 fundamental elements. Hence, we are not carrying out individual horoscope predictions

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33 Thoughts on “sani-peyarchi-predictions-palangal-2012-2013-2014-thula-libra-chithira-swathi-visakam

  1. my life has been miserable for you past 3to4 years. date of birth is 12/9/1953. time is 1115. help me to overcome all my difficulties.
    thank you

  2. Saji S on October 29, 2014 at 7:55 am said:

    Birth Time 7:30 Am
    21st October 1971
    when I will be free from Shani rassi

    Pls relay

  3. my date birth is 8 jan1991 time 1 :15 am
    i am now face so many problem when my problem ends

  4. shruthi.s on August 18, 2014 at 4:21 am said:

    DOB 29 April 1991.
    Time 6.05am
    I dont have confidence. I am not getting any job from 1yr. When will I be released from all the problem.

  5. Ha ha ha. Me too wants to embrace death. Gone through very bad period. Thrown out of inlaws house, husband dead, father dead, brother commited suicide, uncles dead, job quit, stained name, wot more. Is anything left? Sis and mother against me. Wot to do. Cant the same shani tell his brother yama and give me death. Soul still sticking. Dont cry my friends. Laugh. Gone is gone. We also need to exit this earth

    • barathi shankar on June 21, 2014 at 3:40 pm said:

      Vanakam Rajes.
      Read ur unfortunate life destiny. There is no earthly or heavenly use in praying to any god and goddessess. It is said that we have carried bags and bags of our karma frm our previous life. Not sure if that is true. BUT if it is, my thots r to finish them in this birth. I m not very happy to say this. I married my best friend for 36 yrs now. Believe it or not, we dont know each other till date. We fight for no apparent reasons, baseless. i m a very caring n lovable person, longing for true unconditional love, which i didnt recv frm her. She lives in the past. She eats breath n sleep in the past. Rajes, people who hv left you, PLEASE LET THEM GO, frm ur thots. Please dont carry them with you. You r adding their load as well as yours. You have ur destiny, happiness n obligations which is given to you in your log book. Tick them as you go. Some day when you look back, u will appreciate n move on. When u plant a seed, eventually it bear fruits, n nourishes millions. As for you, there r people out there who will be happy with ur existence around them. As u can see i m one of them to share this msg with you. “YOU ARE NOT ALONE, WOMEN”. Go out and reach the stars. Be happy. Death is not in ur hands now.
      Take care n god bless you. Where r you from. I m frm canada, original frm singapore. Hope this msg reach you.

  6. Dhanraj.s on April 30, 2014 at 1:16 pm said:

    I am dhanu my date of birth 13 July 1989 Tula raasi swathi nakshathra I am realy in very bad condition I can’t breathe because I am suffering from saadesaathi I lost my happiness I lost my love I lost my home I lost so much of money I am really not enough because I was did so many bad things that’s why god punishing me really shani parathma is true god of universe… Please god I need my love please…

  7. Bharathi on April 25, 2014 at 12:10 pm said:

    My DOB is 15.06.1970
    Time is 8.30 PM(Night)
    can you pl. advice about my future

  8. sujatha on April 12, 2014 at 12:04 pm said:

    hi to all,
    by birth i faced soo many problems. even now also but i don’t know how to overcome them. life is going very badly. my DOB 12.08.1986 12:30am. everyone hates me even i lost my job bcz of this bad period. my father always blame me for doing things. plz tell me any remedies for this sani sadesati. i lost so many things like job, life partner, happy days. as a woman how can face these things. i can’t live without job in my family because my father always criticism.plz plz tell me any remedies for this situation
    from my age 5th upto now i attempted soo many times suicide but always escaped from good situation because i love death i want to die plz tell me how to die

    • Hi sujatha
      Dear dont worry things will be fine and ending your life is not the solution to your problems, even dont please think of this. Try to face your problems… and pray to god.. things dont remain same… after a dark night there is a day so just be patient..

  9. My date of birth is 08/09/1986 Thlam Rasi Swathi Natchathram.

    Please reply when will complete 7 1/2 sani.

  10. My date of birth is 21/4/1989,i was born on thula rashi chita nakshatra,i am facing lots of problem in my career,not able to change my current job its very terrible,environment of my work place its really terrible,horrible etc,i left alone in all the place,misunderstanding with my relatives,not all in relatives in all the ways i am corned & left alone unable to digest it,sum times feel y i ve to b still in this world,Till now knowingly i ddint harm any people surrounding me,but y am i facing lot of issues,Every Saturday i wil be fasting for sanieshwara bhagwan but still he not showing mercy on me dono y,mentally i am disturbed a lot,i am getting blasting from all the relatives when it is not my mistakes also sum times feels like to attempt suicide also
    I am person who has to look after my family but i am not getting an gud career in my life

  11. shani is not a dreaded one. It is dreaded for those who live unjustly. always people who live unjustly are to be punished in some time in their life so do not have to dread shani bhagwan. God is not a god if he will do bad things to all. Live a good and just life and all will go well even in bad times. I do not believe in these shani peyarchi. sow good things and you reap good ones. that’s it. God do not punish good people .do not see god as a demon. have a fellowship with god and understand he is always there for us if we seek not believe in 71/2 shani peyarchi. its all business tactics to mislead us. its utter nonsense.

  12. Revathi Nathan on February 19, 2014 at 8:26 am said:

    Dear Friends,

    I understand how does it feel that all of us going thru the same I am also Thulam rasi swathi. Nobody and no god will help us if we don’t wake up. increase your positive mind, be strong and just face it once for all. Nothing will harm us if we don’t fight back. God exist but will not come down and help but will show us the way to overcome. Why we need to visit get rid the negative aura and collect the positive energy from the temple. Instead of worrying do something to collect the positive energy.

    • Revathi Nathan on February 19, 2014 at 8:34 am said:

      * Revathi Nathan…KL…Malaysian.
      Please i beg all of u…please do not get disturbed with the planets they are just doing their duty like us too. So dont be afraid of them. Keep with you all the time the 5 elements metal which creates the positive energy. I have faced..n going thru 7.5 years sade sathi but with the guidance I stay positive and be cool. Take care just be strong…always believe what ever happens happen for a reason..

  13. MUTHULAKSHMI SANKAR on February 8, 2014 at 11:24 am said:

    Dear Friends,

    My d.o.b. 2.11.1986,I m experiencing the worst period of my life now. I was born on swathi nakshatra n tulam rasi, unable to visit sani temple near by. I have lost a lump of money and everyone around me r against me including my parnts. When wil this come to an end? Even thinking to commit suicide.
    The abv said prediction was 1oo% true and all the above i m experiencing together in my life now.

    • Madam

      Generally, We restrict ourself with general prediction and we never do astrological consultation for individual as astrology is a ocean and it takes hours even to analyse one horoscope and foresee prediction just for a couple of years considering 9 planets, it sancharas, Dasa, Bhukthi and Antara. Even if we analayse, we will ask you to goto god. Why dont we goto god directly?
      Our main initiative is to concentrate on prayers and motivate people to do japa without any fear or failure.
      But after reading few lines in the comment, i am replying. Please have some patience. Wait for 3 more months. You will see some light at the end of May (after june). dont worry. Even me too a tula rasi and i am also going through a difficult period. Dont worry. Pray god. If you are not able to go to temple, please read sani mantras. Even you do not know any mantra, atleast say “Om Namah Shivaya” 20 minutes every day in the morning after taking bath.

      • krishna on March 19, 2014 at 11:22 am said:

        madam,i was also born on swathi nakshatra iam doing ca articles i passed my ca inter recently my friends didn’t cleared that exam i believe in only in had work don’t hate ur parents they will always love u and pls don’t even think about suicide may god bless u i will also pray for u

      • krishna on March 19, 2014 at 11:22 am said:

        madam,i was also born on swathi nakshatra iam doing ca articles i passed my ca inter recently my friends didn’t cleared that exam i believe in only in had work don’t hate ur parents they will always love u and pls don’t even think about suicide may god bless u i will also pray for u

  14. Revathi on January 16, 2014 at 5:08 am said:


    I’m really surprised to see the predictions. Most of the things said in the prediction had just happened(ing) to me. But then,I believe I’m having some peace just because of keeping up my character,honesty and some prayers.
    I’m still in tough time with my job but it was worst for me prior to 5months.People who longed me left for no reason.I was the best performer in my previous team but no recognition happened whereas people praisers got promoted. (I was transferred few months back to another department without any pay raise -unfavourable transfer, however I escaped the worst tortures from my previous team due to this uncertain trasnfer). I’m the person of self confidence,many elderly people take my advise for their critical problems, but this sani peyarchi (period between july 2012 & 2013) had just put me to the bottom , got fear to live life, facing people, unwanted thoughts like attempting suicide, what not… every possible sufferings. But I really thank god for listening to my prayers, I’m having atleast some peace and happiness)not like before but to an extent).

    I wish this turmoil gets over soon.

    I’m going to visit sani in shiva temple as and when possible.

    I have been saying sani slogas from the age of 10(now I’m in mid 20’s)that is also one reason for keeping up some level of confidence.

    People please don’t get bugged by my long comment, these are all my sufferings which I felt like saying here.

    Romba sondanai pannalum Sani ena kai vidama erukarunu namburan. Ungla suthi vanthavangalam oru karanamum ellama ungla sattai panama pona oru vali varume (ignoring is most chronic). Enaku en self esteem sende pakra madri dan neriaya nadnthuchu..

    I’m going to move on positively hoping sani will help me to attain good in future.

  15. Janma sani is affecting my life a lot. Heath is ruined and so is personal rship. I would be greatful to sani if I get through without a breakup.

  16. you have given wrong prediction about shani transit for thula rasi . your narration about shani is correct but prediction is wrong. saturn will give help to the tula rasi people in this period. some peoples lives were elevated. probems are there every where. as a human he has to face all dark and ights of life. due to your wrong prdiction lot of people are getting disturbed. dont write like this with half knowledged languages.

  17. Rema G. Pillai on December 23, 2013 at 9:50 am said:

    I was born on 13th January 1977. I have sade sati. I am facing mental stress which makes me upset what should i do.


  18. Hi,

    I’m going through Sade sati, facing lots of trouble n financial problems, Im not getting salary from past 6 months, even after putting so many effort, life has become a living hell.

    Please give me some suggestions,


    • Vivek ji,
      Reading your comment seems as if I wrote it myself explaining about my own condition. I am going through Sade Sati and I didn’t earn a single penny since May. I lost interest in my reserach work and lost focus.
      I can’t even go to a Shani temple for remeady as there are not Shani dev’s temple near by my house.

  19. anitha on December 7, 2013 at 8:56 am said:

    My husband’s date of birth is on 8th october 1964 he is facing a very bad situation.when he will overcome this and is there a change of place?

  20. anitha on December 7, 2013 at 8:54 am said:

    My husband’s death is 8th october 1964 thula rasi.he is facing a very bad situation.please advise when he will overcome and whether
    there will be change of place.

  21. my name is s.rajesh, born on 24/11/1973, my rasi is thulam and nakshtra visakam, pl advise me on 7/1/2 shani and when it is getting completly over, your prediction sr almost true.. am in a very bad financial condition pl advise how do i regain my business , reputation and peace in life.

  22. venkatesh on November 8, 2013 at 9:29 am said:

    I was born in 8th june 1968, As of now till how month it will take to complete my sani kata & pls suggest me


  23. K.Senthamizh on November 5, 2013 at 8:36 am said:

    Your prediction on sani payarchi is 100% correct in my life.My rasi is thulam and rasi- swathi. when I will leave from this period.

  24. Ramesh babu R advocate on October 15, 2013 at 1:37 am said:

    Lord shani acts as a break to ur illegal acts so my suggestion is to pray him and he wil give you the best of all the time

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