Sani Peyarchi 2011-2012-2013-2014 (Dec 2011–Dec. 2014) for Kanni – Saturn transit prediction (Dec 2011 – Dec. 2014) for VIRGO – Sade Sati Predictions for Kanni – Virgo
Kanya – [Uttara Phalguni (Uthram), Hastha (Astham), Chitra-Chithirai (1-3)]

Last stage of Sade sati – Elarai Sani. Now more than money, health and family gives more worries. : In this sani peyarchi, Shani moves from your Janma Rasi to 2nd House (Kudumba Sthana) . As you had already knows what is shani in last few years, problem may continue but will improve slowly. Give utmost care to health and family. 

Non-tamils: Please read Sani as Saturn; Peyarchi as Transit; Rasi as Zodiac; (Rasi – zodiac names are on left). Note: These predictions are based on Moon Signs (not Sun Signs)

Sani Peyarchi Prediction for the period Dec. 2011 – Dec 2014:

Sani peyarchi: Now Sani goes to your 2nd house from Janma Rasi which is slightly better than the last few years. Monetary worries slowly comes down whereas health-wise problem continues (sometime increases) and friction in family either increase or continues.

You had almost travelled last 5 years in shani’s way, so you can easily manage the next 3 years too. Problem slowly comes down and you can see some happiness here and there.  

Friction between husband and wife may lead to divorce. So avoid arguments and follow give and take policy. If any misunderstanding happens, give some time to heal and patch up. Dont worry. You will easily manage.  Family friction and misunderstanding with children should be avoided completely. Also keep away fighting with relatives and neighbours.

Generally not a good sani peyarchi 2011 for people of Kanni. With proper parihara and prayers, you can not only manage this 3 years easily but also can grow monetary & wealthwise.

Ok, lets see whats in store for Kanni after this Sani Peyarchi:

Monetary improvement are on your way. All monetary problems slowly stops and chances of improvement are as desired. Invest slowly. Expand business slowly and carefully.

Friction between couples, children and parents can be avoided if the argument didn’t prolong for long. Misunderstanding with neighbors and relatives will invite problems. Be patient and take time to heal the wounds. 

Sadness, sorrow and pain still there and may increase sometime. Keep your temperament within limits. Avoid arguments and fight completely. Do not argue or venture into anything in drunken times.

Ever after this sani peyarchi, Health will affected as before. Disease and wounds may give more pain. Do not take chances with health.

Problem to health of senior citizen life is still in serious mode. Continue prayers patience. Already health might suffered during last few year, so need to be careful much more than ever before. Family feud will take a toll of your life.

You can relieve some pressure of this sani peyarchi with Shani prayers, japa, visit to sani temples, helping disabled people and poor, small pariharas will definitely help in adjustment.

If you are a married female, take care of your health and avoid arguments with husband or in-laws which may ruin your life forever.

But with prayers to Shani, you can really increase the inflow of income with hardwork to nullify all problems.

As Sani severely punishes only the guilty, please restrain doing wrong things. 

As usual, do not venture into illegal and anti-governmental activities.

Category-wise (age, employees, woman, businessman, old people, students) Sani peyarchi predictions published below.

0-30 Years: Sani peyarchi for kanni will be not as bad for those who are below 30 years.  Life turn somewhat pleasant. Education and career improvement are promising. Health need to be attend at utmost care and respect elders. Nothing much too add but life improves considerably. Do not trouble animals and make fun of disabled people. Concentration, Confidence, Self-esteem will get hurt.

30-60 Years: Sani peyarchi for people of kanni who are between 30-60 years going to have a bad period continues. Economically you may redeem yourself but expenses still more than income. Health definitely give worries. Problem with parents and other elderly relatives gives anxious moments. Relationship sore with wife and children. Do not venture into illegal relationship to mollify yourself.  Depression, tiredness, bored lifestyle will take a heavy toll in your life and make you catching up old age too soon. Prayers, visit to temple, japas everything help you to counter the problem to a bigger extent.

Above 60 years: Sani peyarchi not going to give any relief of senior citizens either. Bad period continues. If you have already suffered health wise, the problem will be worsened. Pray shani and try to pass this 3 years with prayers. If you are able to pass 2014, then you can see a good period ahead. Monetary and family wise, you are going to see a worst period every before. If shani is in your side, then you can prolong the same situation for another 3 years and chances of improvement is there.

Sani Peyarchi Warning: Take care of your health and keep your family intact. Do whatever possible to protect the said two things Go to Shani Sthala and offer prayers. Also perform simple Shani pariharas and preethis as much as possible. Help as many disabled as possible. Please bring your parents and nurse them with you. If you do offer proper prayers and japas, you can get rid of sani to some extent.

(Welcome all visitors to use Sani Japa being done From Dec 2011 – Nov 2012 1st Phase. Goto Sani Japa)

Monetary Situation: After this sani peyarchi, monetary situation Improves slowly but steadily and considerably. Towards the end, you can attain a good position. Invest slowly with better advise. If you dont keep vigil, you may suffer losses. Theft is a slight possibility. loss due to fire, accidents are possible.

For businessman: Monetary wise, sani peyarchi helps you to improve better than last time. New customers and those who left you, may turn to you slowly. Honour your commitments. speak politely. Reputation slightly improves. Bad debts slightly comes down. Invest wisely with proper care and advise. Do not expand vigorously. Life definitely see some positive changes. 

For Employees: Sani peyarchi is not going to end your problems. The problem will continue. Slight improvement possible but it will hit due to family feud and health. Do not engage in gossip. Salary and promotion will not be good but not as bad as previous years. Sudden and unfavourable transfers are possible.  Do not leave your job unless being kicked out.  Accept undesirable transfers too. Lapses will make your life miserable and you will be punished even for small mistakes. With sani prayers, japa and parihara, you can reduce the effect of Sani peyarchi. Same issue continues even after this saturn transit to Thula in 2011.

Students: Saturn transit in 2011 is not going to stop anything. Problem continues. Studies will suffer. with hard work and continuous prayers and frequent visit to temples will help you to a good extent. Shani japa definitely helpful to you.  

Public Personalities: After this sani peyarchi, things slowly improves. Bad time is almost over. By working hard, you can make up for the loss. Take care of your health and keep away from unwanted relationship. Do not give your comments unless requested. Separation in family is very much a possibility unless you maintain it well.

Woman: This sani peyarchi is not good for woman. Misunderstanding with husband will make your life more miserable. Do not fight with your inlaws and relatives. Children may not hear your opinion or words. But dont worry. Keep patience which gives you many many benefits in future. Problems slowly comes down and you can see some positive changes. Health is a major worry which take a heavy toll of your life. If you dont take care petty diseases, it may turn fatal too.

Senior Citizen: Sani peyarchi will be worse for Senior citizen of Kanni. Health Problem continues but with a new level. Those who never affect healthwise, will start suffering from old age related diseases. Monetary problem continues and family relation may not improve. Pray Shani to pass this period with minimal losses.

About Shani and prediction: (Please read the next 5 points carefully before reading this shani prediction, which may help you understand the prediction in right spirit)

1. We do not add any masala or soothe or appease or exaggerate the predictions. Given are the predictions as described in many vedic & historic shastras, samhitas and Siddar’s (Saint’s) verses.

2.  Shani got the reward of Eshwar (Shanieswar) because of its impartiality in performing its duties. Even Gods were not spared from the clutches of Shani as per puranas.

3. Shani is Ayul Karagan (Looks after life, health & Justice): Unlike other planets which are incharge of secondary things (wealth, career), Shani affects the primary, OUR LIFE itself.  That is why shani is most feared out of all the planets concerned.

4. Job of Shani: Shani acts like a combination of a “Strict Super Cop + Honest Judge”.  Shani not only catches the culprit but punishes them too.  So when Shani is not in our favour, it is always highly advisable to keep a clean character, avoid cheating & honour commitments.

5. Sani Japa: We encourage every visitor to join in our Sani Japa without fail. (We are initially going to do it for a year, (Till Shani in Chitra Nakshatra – Dec 2011-Nov 2012). Albeit, pleasing sani is almost impossible, I believe something is better than nothing. Shani Japa Details.]

 These transit prediction may vary from person to person depends upon the strength of their Horoscope and Dasa Bhukthi. Consult your astrologer before taking any important decision. .

INDIVIDUAL PREDICTION: Thousands of people calling us for Individual prediction. Our main initiative is to help people getting the 4 fundamental elements. Hence, we are not carrying out individual horoscope predictions.

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