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Sani Peyarchi 2014-2015-2016-2017 (Dec, 16th 2014 to 18th Dec 2017) for Kanni – Saturn transit prediction (Dec 2014 – Dec. 2017) for VIRGO – Sade Sati Predictions for Kanni – Virgo

Kanya – [Uttara Phalguni (Uthram), Hastha (Astham), Chitra-Chithirai (1-3)]

Sani goes to Vrichika Rasi on 16th  Dec 2014 (as per Vakya Panchangam which is followed in all the temples and in Thirunallaru also). So we too follow the temple timings for prediction purposes and pariharas

Difficult periods are over. Now you can see the best part of your life:  After this Sani

Peyarchi Dec 2014, Pada Shani is over . Sade-sati is over. Now Shani has come to your 3rd House (Dhairya – Sahotara Sthana) which is very good as per Astrological books. Health improves, Fortunes are in your favour. Life settles and improves. Nice occasions are on the way. Just relax and enjoy.

Non-tamils: Please read Sani as Saturn; Peyarchi as Transit; Rasi as Zodiac; (Rasi – zodiac names are on left). Note: These predictions are based on Moon Signs (not Sun Signs)

Sani Peyarchi Prediction for the period Dec. 2014 – Dec 2017:

Shani  generally will not impact much to your Rasi in the next 3 years except during Vagra Gathi.

Problems are completely over. But as sani gives problems slowly, benefits too comes rather slowly. So, please have patience. Health will regain and recoup. Can expect the unexpected profits. Even those all who left you alone and never respected you all these years, will come back to you. Use prudence before accepting selected few.

Lets see what Sani Peyarchi 2014 has in store for Kanni:

Category-wise (age, employees, woman, businessman, old people, students)

Shanipeyarchi predictions published below.

0-30 Years: After this Shani Peyarchi 2014, Shani will be very very helpful in all your attempts. You can expect success in almost all your attempts. Health will be at its best. You are going to enjoy the best moments (in terms of health) in your life. Students health wise improves, but concentration will not be at its best. Businessman & employees can really have a wonderful period.

30-60 Years: After sani peyarchi 2014, Shani will do good but at a lesser speed. But need not have to worry. All your suffering are over but it takes time to heal. With prayers, definitely you can speed up the process faster. Businessman & employees may see a positive changes slowly but steadily. Things improves in your favour.

Above 60 years: This sani peyarchi brings in good period but most of the secondary benefits are not going to be enjoyed by you but your siblings. Health improves. If you really make attempt to regain your health, you can expect a good result. As sani is going to be in your favour, do not take anything granted. Do not overdo things.

Warning: No warnings. Nothing much for this saturn transit 2014. Slight injury on legs & arms, unnecessary and unexpected court cases, health problems to your siblings, problems with respect to your assets are all on the cards.

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Monetary Situation: There will not be much problem in your monetary situation due to shani peyarchi. On the other hand, as expenses on health is going to come down, you can start seeing some surplus. Utilise it properly.

For businessman: Business improve and profits too increase. After sani peyarchi, you can honour most of your commitments which leads happy customers. Use this period esp. till May 2015. Also, victory over competitor is almost granted. (Handle carefully with Government departments to avoid problems.

For Employees: Sani peyarchi brings in good period. Nothing much to worry. Health condition improves and can concentrate on job pretty easily. Use this period to work harder and try to attain greater level. With prayers to sani and his grace, you can even double up your earning & promotions. A best chance to make up for the lost.

Students: Sani peyarchi helps in Health condition to improve which leads to slight improvement in concentration but not on a high level. The luck which Sani brings definitely helps in translating the hardwork into marks. Sani will help even a refined-idiot to succeed in exams.

Public Personalities: After saturn transit, good and enjoyable period ahead. The more you work, more you can cement your place permanently.  Do not waste this opportunity. Your health will help you to go extra mile.

Woman: After Sani peyarchi, your health will improve considerably. Can expect more intimacy in couple which may lead to pregnancy even for slightly older woman. If you have fear or  worrying for the mistakes you had committed in the last few years, its a good news for you. Relax and everything is over. I cannot tell more. Hope you can understand. If marriage or pregnancy delayed due to health problem, now it is over. But improves slowly. Try few Sani preethi, pariharas, mantras to make it faster.

Senior Citizen: Shani Peyarchi 2014 helps your Health condition to improve considerably. With Shani Japa and parihara, you can use this period to fight non-curable diseases and even certain death

About Shani and prediction: (Please read the next 5 points carefully before reading this shani prediction, which may help you understand the prediction in right spirit)

  1. We do not add any masala or soothe or appease or exaggerate the predictions. Given are the predictions as described in many vedic & historic shastras, samhitas and Siddar’s (Saint’s) verses.
  2. Shani got the reward of Eshwar (Shanieswar) because of its impartiality in performing its duties. Even Gods were not spared from the clutches of Shani as per puranas.
  3. Shani is Ayul Karagan(Looks after life, health & Justice): Unlike other planets which are incharge of secondary things (wealth, career), Shani affects the primary, OUR LIFE itself.  That is why shani is most feared out of all the planets concerned.
  4. Job of Shani: Shani acts like a combination of a “Strict Super Cop + Honest Judge”.  Shani not only catches the culprit but punishes them too.  So when Shani is not in our favour, it is always highly advisable to keep a clean character, avoid cheating & honour commitments.
  5. . Sani Archana: We encourage people to join in our 48 weeks archana. Albeit, pleasing sani completely is almost impossible, I believe something is better than nothing..

These transit prediction may vary from person to person depends upon the strength of their Horoscope and Dasa Bhukthi. Consult your astrologer before taking any important decision. ..

INDIVIDUAL PREDICTION: Thousands of people calling us for Individual prediction. Our main initiative is to help people getting the 4 fundamental elements. Hence, we are not carrying out individual horoscope predictions.

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  1. I am job less from sani transit on 2014 till now I can’t find a job.pls assist me when I will settle in a job. All my interview leads to perfect failure .my radio is kanni and hastham natchatra.

  2. Yes. what ever said is happing also to me. As I am in abroad, my job is going to be loose due to argument and unexpected situation from the colleagues as well as from the managers and the visa is going to cancelled by 14.05.2017. Bank balance also become dry. even have no idea, what will be the upcoming days to survive. Lets wait n see…

  3. I am jobless ! when will I get a proper job with good salary. 1 1/2 half year without any job. What should I do I am unable to sleep or eat thinking and thinking when my good luck day.

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