Sani Peyarchi Palangal – Sani Transit Prediction – Kanni Rasi – Uthram – Hastham – Chithirai – Chitra


Sani Peyarchi Palangal 2017-2018-2019-2020 (December, 19th 2017 to 26th December 2020) for Kanni – Saturn transit prediction (December 2017 – December 2020)  for Virgo.

Kanni [Uttara Phalguni-Uthiram(2-4, Hastham, Chitra – Chithirai (1-2)]

Sani goes to Dhanusu Rasi on 19th  December 2017 (as per Vakya Panchangam which is followed in all the temples and in Thirunallaru also). So we too follow the temple timings for prediction purposes and Pariharas.

Average period for youngster and Difficult Period for Middle and aged: During this sani peyarchi, Shani moves from your Dhairya Sthana (3rd house) to your Arthastama Sthana (4th House). Artha Astama means 50% of 8. So, it is natural that 50% of prediction for Astama Shani (Shani prediction given for Rishaba) is applicable for Kanni. Loss, sufferings, failures, sudden illness, unfavourable transfers, problems in family etc are the general prediction when shani comes to 4th house from our rasi.

Non-tamils: Please read Sani as Saturn; Peyarchi as Transit; Rasi as Zodiac; (Rasi – zodiac names are on left). Note: These predictions are based on Moon Signs (not Sun Signs)

Sani Peyarchi Prediction for the period Dec. 2017 – Dec 2020:

After this sani peyarchi Decmeber 2017, Sani comes to your 4th place from your Rasi, not a good sign for Kanni.

Arthastama Sani for Kanni: Next 3 years is may not be as dangerous as Astama Shani but the result are same. Generally younger generation may not affect much with this sani peyarchi whereas middle & aged, the suffering may be felt in a hard way.

Purana says, when Sani was born, Sun went into eclipse. (Sani and Yama are sons of SUN). As per purana, not only kings like Dasaratha (Ram’s father), Vikramaditya, Harichandra & Nala suffered but also Gods includes Siva, Krishna, Guru, Ram & Sita, Pandavas, Ravan etc. all had problems when Sani was not in their favour and punish for their wrongdoings.

With prayers and parihara, people of Kanni Rasi can reduce its effect to a considerable extent. Do not forget to visit Sani Bhagwan in Shiva temple. Also try every known & possible parihara for sani to pass this period with little to medium damage.

We are starting Sani Japa – Sani Archana from Sani Peyarchi, 19th December 2017. for details, plz. visit: Sani Japa – SaniArchana

Also, check this link to know about our various Poojas & Prayers.  : Complete List of our Pooja Detail

Ok, lets see whats sani peyarchi has in store for Kanni in Arthastama Sani:

Continuous monetary loss and theft are on the cards.

Rift in family and relatives, fight with neigbours, misunderstanding with friends, curse from elders and punishment from bosses are the prediction for Shani this time.

If there is a transfer on your way, accept it. Because arthastama shani prediction is bad for the married as it says living faraway place without family or loosing wife permanently are the effect of Shani when it comes to 4th position. Even if you dont perform shani preethi for you, do it for your wife without fail. Also request your wife to go to temple on frequently. I do not want to elaborate.

Sani peyarchi brings lots of misfortune, Depression, diseases, bad name, fights with near and dear ones, wrath of boss, furious colleagues, defeats in cases, Unnecessary arguments lead to great tension, parents and elders curse, going down in status are definitely on.

Misunderstanding or split with your parents is always there. Some may loose his share in ancestral properties due to feud with father.

But one big consolation. This sani peyarchi will slightly improve your monetary situation if you lead a good life without troubling others.

Take utmost care of your wife. Consult doctor without neglecting any disease.(vice versa for wife to take care of her husband)

As Sani severely punishes only the guilty, please restrain doing wrong things.

Like Janma sani and Asthama sani, Arthastama shani for Kanni too may bring even a rich people to the streets if they not follow a disciplined life. Not only your friends but even close relatives will turn foe.

Do not venture into new things. Avoid arguments otherwise you may spend your time unnecessarily in court rooms. Be patient and honour all your commitments without fail.

Be very careful with Government and do not hide or do any illegal things. You will be caught easily due to sani’s presence.

In this 3 years period,  Guru transit will happen twice & Rahu- ketu transit once. (Guru –2 transit to take place in this period – first one on 3rd Oct 2018 & another one on 27th Oct. 2019), Rahu – Ketu (one more transit will take place on 13th February 2019).

Both are not going to affect the prediction of this sani peyarchi to the bigger extent.  Rather all the 3 planets, Guru, Rahu-ketu will help you to pass this unfavourable Sani transit with less scar. It is very important to do sani archana, Sani Pooja etc frequently in this 3 years of period. Also, perform archana – Pooja to Guru, Rahu & Ketu as much as possible, helps you to reduce the Sani’s effect to a greater extent.

So lets see the prediction for Sani alone without considering the Guru, Rahu-ketu transit.


Category-wise (age, employees, woman, businessman, old people, students) Sani peyarchi predictions published below.

0-30 Years: Sani peyarchi brings Fear, Ego, Anger and worries will spoil your concentration, studies and takes energy out of you. Few may turn from good to bad. Beware of bad friendship. Positive thinking always helps to get rid of many problems. Offer prayers and visit temple frequently.

30-60 Years: Most of the above said satrun transit prediction are for you only. Loosing your position, power and status are very much there. Be patient. Be polite. Use nice words. Do not argue. Anger is the no.1 chatru (enemy) for you. Keep distance from bad people. Do not get very close to any. Do not argue or do business in inebriated state which will hit you forever in the future. Do yoga to get out of depression.

Above 60 years: You might have experienced this Arthastma Shani between 1988-1991. Same effects but on a different note this time (sani peyarchi). Now the suffering increases if you dont keep your cool. Put every step with utmost care. Loosing wife suddenly is what it said in the books for arthastama shani. Physically & mentally, you will feel down. Prayers and Dhyana can give peace which inturn helps you to reduce the effects. If you are financially well off, compensate for the loss & trouble you had given to people of yesteryears.

Warning: Not a good period. Everything is unfavourable to you.  Do not take chances. Go to Shani Sthala and offer prayers. Also perform simple Shani pariharas and preethis as much as possible. Help as many disabled as possible. Please bring your parents and nurse them with you.

Monetary Situation: Sani peyarchi is not so bad monetary-wise.. Initially there may be hiccups then it stabilises. In fact, you can make some more in this period.

For businessman: Monetary wise, its slightly bad in the initial stages and later on it get stabilized. So dont worry. Reputation may come down. You may find it difficult to honour your commitments. Bad debts increases. If you are venturing into illegal or anti-government activities, please stop it immediately.

For Employees: Bad period ahead. Sani peyarchi cause Fight, misunderstanding, mistakes, scoldings are daily affair. Unnecessary transfers due to bosses intervention are there. Shani troubles you both mentally and psychologically. Completely stop unnecessary gossip in the office or even outside. Give utmost respect to woman and disabled. . Do not argue or over excited. Accept undesirable transfers too. Lapses will make your life miserable and you will be punished even for small mistakes.

Students: Visit temples and offer prayers frequently. Concentration, confidence, memory power, handwriting all eludes you so need to give 200% effort. Even Teachers and friends will not give any respect or treat badly. Keep your cool. Do not fight with your friends at any cost which may ruin your future.  Do not take this sani peyarchi lightly.

Public Personalities: Except monetarywise, all other things are bad. Loss of reputation, bad name even for others mistakes, spoilt character, Court cases. Do not over react for small problems. Have patience. Visit temples, chant mantras and do small pariharas without fail. Illegal affair will give problems forever. Problems in family is always a possibility. So be prepared and do not prolongue any problems. Go for settlement and ask “Sorry” even if mistakes is not yours, as family is important and you need it more than your family members in this period. Healthwise, it is very bad.

Woman: Sani Peyarchi is bad in all areas (but not worse). Health, money, satisfaction, happiness, relationship all sour but not dangerous. Have patience. Do not loose your cool at any time.  Offer prayers, visit temples, do pariharas to keep the life goes with little scar. If you had kept your in-laws away, bring them at once and keep them caring. Chances of small accidents (esp. with fire) is possible. Please take precaution in kitchen. Also do not leave any wounds unattended.

Senior Citizen: Sani peyarchi makes your health condition worsen. With prayers and visits to temples, definitely you can prolongue the present condition as much as possible. Recap your life during 1988-91 and it will be much worser than those period.

About Shani and prediction: (Please read the next 7 points carefully before reading this shani prediction, which may help you understand the prediction in right spirit)

  1. We do not add any masala or soothe or appease or exaggerate the predictions. Given are the predictions as described in many vedic & historic shastras, samhitas and Siddar’s (Saint’s) verses.
  2. Shani got the reward of Eshwar (Shanieswar) because of its impartiality in performing its duties. Even Gods were not spared from the clutches of Shani as per puranas.
  3. Shani is Ayul Karagan(Looks after life, health & Justice): Unlike other planets which are incharge of secondary things (wealth, career), Shani affects the primary, OUR LIFE itself.  That is why shani is most feared out of all the planets concerned.
  4. Job of Shani: Shani acts like a combination of a “Strict Super Cop + Honest Judge”.  Shani not only catches the culprit but punishes them too.  So when Shani is not in our favour, it is always highly advisable to keep a clean character, avoid cheating & honour commitments.
  5. . Sani Japa – Sani Archana: It is very important to do some kindly of archana – Pooja to sani frequently. We too perform sani Pooja-archana and encourage people to join in our Sani Peyarchi Preethi Parihara Japa Pooja – Sani Archana – Sani Shanti Pooja. Albeit, pleasing sani completely is almost impossible, I believe something is better than nothing..
  6. Guru Japa-Guru Archana– Guru Pooja is also beneficial to people of Kanni to improve the situation with the help of Guru by doing archana-parihara to guru frequently. We too are doing Guru Japa – Guru Archana and for more details, please click here:
  7. Rahu – Ketu PoojaWe are not doing any Pooja with respect to Rahu & Ketu. But we have Yantras for both Rahu & Ketu duly powered with proper mantras.  Click here To know more about Rahu – Ketu Yantra

These transit prediction may vary from person to person depends upon the strength of their Horoscope and Dasa Bhukthi. Consult your astrologer before taking any important decision. .

INDIVIDUAL PREDICTION: Thousands of people calling us for Individual prediction. Our main initiative is to help people getting the 4 fundamental elements. Hence, we are not carrying out individual horoscope predictions.

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