Rahu Ketu Peyarchi prediction and parihara for Kataka Rasi Dec 2012-2013-2014

Rahu-Ketu Peyarchi Predictions (2012-2013-2014) for Kataka Rasi (Cancer)

Rahu Ketu Peyarchi Palangal for the period Dec 2012 – June 2014 for Kataka Rasi [includes Punarpoosam (1), Poosam (Pushyam) and Ayilyam (Aslesha)

What Shastra Says: Sani & Rahu in 4th house means ganta (problem) for mother or loss of mother. Continuous Problems and worries and moving foraway, whereas Ketu in 10th gives fear of thief, Theft, problems from
enemies and diseases, effort goes in vain in the initial period but success in the final stages of transit period.

Kataka Rasi – Zodiac Pisces :  Rahu Ketu Transit 2012-2013-2014 Predictions for Kataka Rasi – Cancer

In Kochara Prediction, the prediction (Palangal) for Sani & Rahu remain 100% same. Next one hand half year (Dec 2012 to Jun 2014), It is Sani & Rahu, both are thick friends, would act in Tandem with the same intensity, speed, effect and causes result. Simply, it is Sani + Sani (dual role). Also both resides in the house which belongs to Shukra, who is a good friend of both Sani & Rahu. This sequence happens  very rarely and considering the length of the time (whole rahu transit period of 18 months), it can be considered an historic moment.

When it comes to Ketu Kochara prediction, Chevvai (mars) prediction will be considered for Ketu.

Usually When Rahu in bad position, Ketu does favours. But in your case, both are at a disadvantage position.

Generally in this period, you may think more negatively and evil thoughts may come unnecessarily. Daily prayers/japas are more important and vital to keep your mind positive.

Advise: It is highly advisable to do parihara/preethi to both Rahu and Ketu to minimise the effect atleast by 50%. Slokas, Temples, Rahu-Ketu Slokas, Temples, Adhi devata, Parihara and Preethi and Rahu-Ketu dosha Nivarana Yantra (powered by 18000 Rahu Gayatri Mantra and 7000 ketu Gayatri mantra)

You face 50% of the problems of Meena. Till now shani affects, but now you feel the heat of Rahu too. Now it is like two Saturns are targeting you.

First thing first. Avoid all kind of accidents. It may be vehicle accident, fire accident or even falling down. So always take your step slowly and steadily.

Career: Job and business wise, you can face very much tensions. It may lead to mistakes and failures. Even few may get punishment for the mistakes.

Family : Shastra says, When Rahu & Sani comes in 4th position, it relieves wife, Wealth and Children and make you alone. Also a loss of a close relative is very much on the cards due to Rahu and sani as well. .Relationship with mother sore. Eventhough you may take care of your mother, but your mother may not realized it
and spoil your name. Also mothers health is a major concern. Take care of her.

Family disputes are unavoidable. So do not worry much about it as you cannot do anything till July 2014. But always monitor how it goes and went the feud between family members go awry, go for a patchup job. Otherwise split in the family is unavoidable.

Health : Next is Health. Both Sani and Rahu will spoil mental health and thus spoil physical health too. Pranayama and yoga are best recommended. Avoid arguments and tensions. It may take heavy toll as stress is the biggest enemy of yours. Eczema, skin diseases, allergy are possible.

Wealth: You may buy luxurious things. Money flow increases eventhough expenses too increases. Ancestral property especially maternal side may come to you. Promotions are possible if you are able to cajole your bosses. Theft or fear of thief is always there due to Ketu in 10th. But ketu does wonder after 2013.

Education : Education of students will hit hard. So they need to put hard work. Even though ketu is the karagan for Gnana, but this time Rahu gives trouble for education. So pray both.

Conclusion:Both rahu and Ketu (sani too) are not good. Do prayers/parihara etc to Rahu and Ketu to minimise the problems to Rahu-Ketu Slokas, Temples, Adhi devata, Parihara and Preethi and Rahu-Ketu dosha Nivarana Yantra (powered by 18000 Rahu Gayatri Mantra and 7000 ketu Gayatri mantra)

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  1. I want to ask about my daughter’s Marriage & she will not

    listen to any words and she will aiways be in angry mood and when she is going to take her responsibility please give me any suggestions her DOB is 26.9.1989
    Tuesday 9.30 A.M

    Kataka Rasi , Ashlesha Nakshathra

  2. My Nakstra is also Pushya 2nd pada ,KatakaRasi, iam also facing lot of problems in life Frequently Qaureels between with my wife, Financial problems,getting more pressure & Problems from My Boss in th office, iam trying for Job last 2 yrs but till date iam not getting any job, health problems , My mother is also not well & she is also in trouble Pls help me & Iam not in happy life Pls help me Sir. My Birth details are:

    Nmae :Chandrashekar ( Birth name : Hemanth)
    DOB : 18.03.1970 ,Birth Time : 10:05 am on wednesday
    Nakshtra : Pusahya 2nd Pada , KATAKA RASI,

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