Planetary Guide for the Period June 2014 to June 2015

Planetary Guide for the period June 2014 – June 2015.

Guru will stay in Kataka till Jun 2015.
Shani will stay in Thula till Dec 2014
Rahu will stay in Kanni till Jan 2106.
Ketu will stay in Meena till Jan 2016.

From June 2014 to June 2015, all the four slow moving planets stays in the same house. Considering the above situation, we had given the following planetary guide.

  • Good – Particular planet is in a favourable position

  • Average – Planets is neither favourable nor unfavourable.

  • Worse – Planetary position to your rasi is very very unfavourable.

Planetary Guide for the period June 2013 – June 2014
Rasi Zodiac Guru Sani Rahu Ketu Recommended Yantras Yantras Cost
Mesha Aries Average Worse Good Worse Sani and Ketu yantras 1182
Rishaba Taurus Worse Good Average Good Guru yantra 691
Mithuna Gemini Good Average Worse Worse Rahu and ketu yantras 1162
Kataka Cancer Worse Worse Good Worse Sani, Guru, Ketu Yantras 1873
Simha Leo Average Good Worse Worse Rahu and Ketu Yantras 1162
Kanni Virgo Good Worse Worse Worse Sani, Rahu and Ketu Yantras 1873
Thula Libra Worse Worse Average Average Guru and Sani Yantras 1402
Vrichika Scorpio Good Worse Good Worse Sani and Ketu yantras 1182
Dhanusu Sagittarius Worse Good Worse Worse Guru, Rahu and Ketu Yantras 1853
Makara Capricorn Good Worse Average Good Sani Yantra 711
Kumbha Aquarius Worse Average Worse Worse Guru, Rahu and Ketu yantras 1853
Meena Pisces Good Worse Worse Worse Sani, Rahu, Ketu Yantras 1873


Considering the effects of the planets, we had suggested the yantras which may reduce the effect of the unfavourable planets.

Cost of the Yantras
Guru Sani Rahu Ketu
Cost of the Copper Yantra 30 30 30 30
Cost of daily pooja Material 360 380 360 140
Dakshina 251 251 251 251
Postage 50 50 50 50
Total 691 711 691 471

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