Can prayer-Parihara Remove all problems?
When i should go for Prayer-Parihara?
Which Kindly of Parihara i should choose for my problem?

Question 1: Whether Prayers can remove all my problems?

We can see the answer as given in the Veda Shastras:

The Remedy for problems are divided into 3 parts.

Category 1. Sulabha-Sadhya: Problems can be removed with simple Pariharas (Remedies) like going to Temple, Lighting lamps, Navagraha Pradhakshina, Navagraha Archana, reciting slokas-Mantras, Dhaana (Alms & Gifts). These pariharas actually not a kamya parihara (not for specific issues) but nishkamya Parihara (daily routine without any expectation) and has to be done daily and frequently without expecting results. These will solve most of our problems

We offer ultimate Navagraha Archana (I have never seen anyone who had done this before) for people to pass this stage 1 problem peacefully. 65% of our problems will be removed with this parihara alone.

Category 2. Kasta-Sadhya: Problems can be removed with better and more effort. These are problems which cannot be removed with simple parihara as mentioned in category 1 “nishkamya karma” (daily routine as mentioned in 1). To remove Kasta Sadhya, we need to put bigger effort like Japa, Homa with reciting of many thousands or Lakhs of Mantra Japa depends upon the problems. 

Except Navagraha Archana (for Category 1 Problems), Most of our Service falls under this category. Mostly people come to us only when their problem is aggravated or escalated to Category 2.

We perform the following Pariharas under Kasta Sadhya by performing More than a Lakh Japa Mantra Prayoga to either remove a problem or to get a desired result.

We do Thousands of Japas for YANTRAS and Lakhs of Japa for MARRIAGE,   HEALTH,   EDUCATION and WEALTH before offering these for the benefit of everyone. 30 % of problems will be removed with this parihara

Category 3. A-Sadhya: Not possible to remove: These are problems which cannot be removed with any of the pariharas. One has to undergo and experience the  problems. 5% of our problems falls under this category.

As it is very difficult to know whether our problems falls under Category 1 or 2 or 3, we always believe, our problems are in Cat-1 (Sulabha-Sadhya). 65% of our problems are cured with Stage 1 pariharas.

Either the problem is bigger magnitude (kasta Sadhya), or stage 1 Sadhya had escalated to stage 2 due to our non-performing of Cat-1 simple pariharas. 30% of the problems falls under this category. We need to give bigger effort like Japa or Homa to clear the problem.

Some problems arises due to curse, blunder mistakes committed in earlier/this generation, has to be suffered and there is no cure. But if you had performed Stage 1 and Stage 2 pariharas, atleast you may have the strength to withstand the trouble.

Question 2: When Should i go for Prayer – Parihara?

Most of stage-1 parihara (remedy) are nish-kamya i.e., we should do on a daily basis without expecting or even before the problem arises. These include, going to temple, lighting lamp, chanting mantras, reciting slokas, pradakshina etc.

If the problem still persist, you can try our ultimate stage-1 parihara : Navagraha Temple Archana  which is the best ever possible archana for Navagraha and i never heard anyone who does this before.

Question 3: Which kind of parihara should i choose?

Generally 65% of problems solved with Category 1 parihara. If not, you should understand that the problem is either in category-2 (Kasta Sadhya) or category 3 (A-Sadhya). You cannot delay the parihara in this stage. As 30% of the problems are solved with Category 2 pariharas like Homa, Japa etc., You should try Category-2 Pariharas without prolonging the problems.

We offer some category 2 Pariharas as chanting mantras in thousands to energize Yantras and chanting mantras in lakhs for Marriage,   Health Education and Wealth

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  1. Bharath kumar

    25th January 2018


    My DOB is 17/09/1973 bharani star.

    I am facing a problem in career am not able settle my profession in one company why it is for me. At least now need to settle in one company till my retirement. what to do for same, pariharam & what mantras to be worshipped.
    In my married life past 14 years struggling with my wife from the day one she is disturbing my peace & creating problems, past seven years she filled against me legal issues & separated from me along with only one son. when it will come closure for same. pls. tell me what pariharam to be done to come out of these issue reunite with my son.

  2. Sir IAM anushanakshathram and my husband sadaya nakshthram we are having lot of financial problem my husband is working in construction co due to economy he is having job insecurities son is studying engineering pl guide us what parihara we have to do for financial be problem and job shall we get good job now we are having lot of mental tension pl help us anurama

  3. Padmarekha
    DoB March 12th 1974
    Kanya rashi chitta nakshatra
    My higher studies getting vigna
    My close friends vry badly depart from me
    My financial situation is not ading good sons education is vry poor
    Pls do give me some solutions to sort out this problem

    1. P.RAJEEV
      DoB May 27th 1988
      TOB: 2.43 to 2.45 p.m. POB: Hyderabad Kanya rashi chitta nakshatra
      My higher studies at Hyderabad
      I lost my job shall I get good job in this year
      My financial situation is not good
      Pls do give me some solutions to sort out this problem
      When shall i get good job

  4. D.O.B : 24/08/1984… KADAGA RASI.. POOSAM NATCHATHRA…..i hve been struggling last three years… i had last my govt job chance.. love… peaceful… and so on….
    stil i need marriage.. govt job… and peacefull…..
    plz kindly suggest me any pariharram to get me all…….

  5. Sir
    Myself and my husband are separated now. Not divorced. He. Is not interested to live with me .sudden misunderstanding.plz help me to join hands with him again.

  6. Sir,

    My nakshatra is kettai nakshatra virchigam rasi, mithuna lagna, i have no job from last 10 months, and in very bad financial state and mental stress kindly suggest me suitable pariharam and pilgrim to visit

  7. I am finding difficulty in clearing my CA final examination. I am now 42 years and born in chitra nakshtra, thulam rasi and DOB is 08-04-1974 . Pls. help to gain strength in passing out examination. I am worshipping hayagrivar and istha deivam is mahavishnu.

  8. NAMASKARAM. SIR My name is komati suribau.my life a more problems.please tell me how is my life.remedy parihara temples tell me.revathi nakshtram.date of birth 07-01-1987 time 3-05pm Rajahmundri.Ap teliyacheyagalaru.

  9. My name sreemol,revathy nakshatra and lover name vishnu,thiruvathira nakshatra.our marriege is fixed but mis matches in nakshatras can yo pease tell me parihara marga poojas for this problems

  10. Sir,
    I started a manufacturing process, 9 years ago but I am constantly at loss, no labour stays for more than 1-2 months, if they stay either there is no sale or no raw-material. All my life saving lost. Have done number of poojas, vastu shanti, vastu dosha nivaran, chandi homa, sudarshan homa, but nothing is working out. I am very deeply disturbed. I have 2 people for security purpose but have no money to pay them from 3 months. Please suggest what I can do.

    1. This must be poorvadithya karma phalam, on every friday feed a cow with Rice grains mixed with Jaggery, on every monday feed black dog with curd rice or biscuits or anything. Do this for 16 weeks and on 16th week do thailabhishekam for shani all your problems will be solved. All the best

  11. Sir,

    Are you doing kalasarpadosha parihara .

    Kindly reply as i am struggling for more than 40 years .



      1. hi can we wear yantra as tayittu around neck after energiging it????? .. one of astrologer predict get satru samhara yantra and energige it 48 daya mandal near subramanya temple the wear it as tayattu in neck.

  12. Sir,
    When checking for marriage matching I was found to have Kalathra Dosha and Raghu Dosha. What is meant by these doshas? What remedy I have to do to remove them. My place of birth is Chennai, DOB: 15.6.1988 & time is 8.26 A.M. I am afraid and confused. Will you please help me solve this problem.

    Thanks and regards.

    1. No need to afraid. It is better to go to nearest Astrologer in your place and show your horoscope and clarify. Ask personally the details and get clarified. As they started explaining, you may get more doubts. So it is always better to go personally to astrologer near your place rather than consulting over internet or phone.
      And, last, we are not doing astrological consultation as we dont have time. We only concentrate as japa and it take lots of time. As we cannot 2 horses at the same time, we choose prayers over Astro. If we do both, we cannot do justice to both


  13. Sir, I have left my Job and started a business. I am putting all my effort, The product is good and accepted by people still i am unable to get success in business. I was earning good in my job still i had debts, that is the reason i started a business still same debts. I try to close a debt and feel relaxed there is some problem pushing to get loan. What can i Do for this. Can you please Guide me.
    Thanks & Regards

  14. Namaskaram,

    My DOB is 30/12/1968 bharani star. Struggled life from my childhood and not own a home and last 15 years i am working in a gulf country. My wife star is ayilliam and DOB 30/10/1972. We have two children .Son DOB 28/02/2000 and daughter DOB 17/01/2004 .Last one year facing some career and financial trouble, and i would like to settle back in INDIA.

  15. Respected sir

    am vinod from KSA, working as an software admin, am here for last 3 month from march 10th 2014 onwards, my date of birth is 03/11/1980
    time 04:15 pm, thrissur, kerala, india. nakashatra, utharam 1st padam
    chingam rasi

    here at my office in ksa ( saudi arabia) am not feeling sercure, some type of fear am having, more over the company and employee are not much good. they did like me taking a good salary.

    Sir, is it bad time form me, it so will i loos my salary, means any salary cut will happen in my career life and also will get any type of bad effect on my job.

    when will i able to return to my home country, because, these people are not providing proper vacations to any employeees.. is it possible for me to return to india in next year by august or sep

    pls guide me sir and what parihara should i do to get exit from this situation

    waiting for your replay



  16. I am makara rasi avittam natchathira, I had done most of the request from astrologers, even 48 days parihara but one long term issue solved but other problems are not solved, I have another issue pending for more then a year, no one is able to tell exactly the solution, I mean everyobe has problems seeking ones help or a way to reduce or completely solving it is the most vital importance for anyone who wants to live, I do undesrstand that spiritual – payers and matharas activities and worship are importance, but I am just hoping my life will change and hoping a solution to end my last and least problem as I had mentioned earlier. thanks a lot almighty and I hope god heard my humble request, tks, om nama sivaya, tks

  17. I would be much thankful if you could provide the Devi vahana simha mantra for me to worship Her vahana before reciting Saptasathi.Kindly pardon me if it is inappropriate to divulge the mantra.

    Thanking you


    1. Padmarekha
      DoB March 12th 1974
      Kanya rashi chitta nakshatra
      My higher studies getting vigna
      My close friends vry badly depart from me
      My financial situation is not ading good sons education is vry poor
      Pls do give me some solutions to sort out this problem

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