Guru Peyarchi prediction and parihara for Kumbham Rasi 2012-2013 குரு பெயர்ச்சி கும்ப ராசி 2012-2013

Guru Peyarchi 2012-2013 (17.5.2012 – 28.5.2013)  for  Kumbha – Jupiter transit prediction 2012-2013 for AQUARIUS

Kumbam [Shravistha – Dhanistha -Avittam (3-4), Shatabhisha (Sadhayam), Purvabhadra(1)- (Pooratathi (1)




Better than Last year but not the best one.:
Guru (Jupiter) in 4th house (Thai veedu) is not all that good and not very bad either as you had already passed a quiet year. Income will slightly increase. Relationship may not be ideal, but improved a lot. Mother’s health will have a beating.

Non-tamils: Please read Guru as Jupiter; Peyarchi as Transit; Rasi as Zodiac; (Rasi – zodiac
names are on left)

Last year analysis(May 2011- May 2012):
Last few months, when guru was 3rd house i.e., Sakodhara Sthanam.. nothing went right. Few employees were transferred to distant places. Family might have separated. No significant Subha kariyams happened in the last year. Help never came when required. Money flow was very bad. Increment, promotion never satisfactory. Most of you people were in debts.  This applies to business man too. Had many sleepless nights. You try to forget the entire year and never want one more year like this in the future. Its waste of time speaking about last year as not even a single attention-grabbing event occurred.

Guru Peyarchi Palan (Jupiter transit predictions) May 2012- May 2013:
Now Guru is coming to your Fourth house. (Thai Veedu) Health related problems will occur. Health may deteriorate. Not a good sign for people who born in Kumbha. esp. for old people, woman & children. Medical expenses mount heavily. Better prepared and subscribe to Medical insurance before February (Also beneficial for tax exemption) for any emergency. 

If you have any female or old people who are born in Kumbha, they need to do Guru
parihara or Guru Gayatri without fail.

Aspectual Favours:  Tiredness, workload will increase, Salary may not be equal to the effort what you put in, help never comes in time, unnecessary expenses, loss while travelling.

General Predictions for all category of people:  Expenses will increase
but revenue too will increase during this period compare to last year. So you can manage if you handle the finance properly and judiciously.. Spend judiciously. Try avoiding loans. If necessary, avail loans only to the extent needed. Businessman should thread their business carefully. Do not argue. Don’t be adventurous. Do not venture into new business. Careful in trading of shares & investment. Avoid giving loans. Restrain from arguing as it may lead to quarrel and cases. Better to take medical insurance to your family since in the case of emergency, you may not have a penny to spend. Even friends and relatives too will not help you either. Friends will become foe. Pray Dakshinamurthy with Guru Gayathri
half an hour daily. Also, light 5 lamps to Dakshinamurthy every  Thursday. Recite Hanuman chalisa. Also, you can recite Vishnu Sahasranama everyday morning. These things can create a shield from the ill effects of Guru’s unfavourable position.  (Guru Gayathri Mantra)

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