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Swayamvaraparvathi is an Initiative of Matrihelp.com – a leading Brahmin Matrimony Service Organisation

About us : Swayamvaraparvathi.com is an extended service of Matrihelp.com, an exclusive brahmin matrimony for the community of Priest, Purohit and Pandits  called Tamil Brahmins. Brahmins are the caste or community in India, whose basic duty includes learning Vedas, Chanting Mantras and Performing Poojas in the temples.(To Know more about Brahmins vist Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brahmin )

Motivate to do Japa without fear: Main aim of the website is to motivate all human being irrespective of the caste/creed/religion/sex to recite mantra Japa without any fear (of pronounciation) to enjoy the vibration personally, to enjoy the peace of mind, to induce positive vibration and to increase belief.

Mutual Help: Also, help those who believe in God and mantras but are not able to do the japa themselves due to time limitation. We request those people to share the cost of the japa @ approx. Rs.10 per hour of japa maximum.

As we are basically a Tamil Brahmin Matrimony and when poor brahmin comes to us  for help, we request them to do the japas on a daily basis at their home for those who need it. We pay a consolidated amount every month. It helps them to survive to some more extent as their salary was very minimal and never increased proportionately to the inflation.

Also, we can bargain only with poor people as they need money but not with a professionals, in our case, very well learned vedic priest who charge not less than Rs.2000 for a 2 hour japa, so for 108 days, it cost more than Rs.2.00 Lakhs.

So, we started this initiative to encourage and motivate people to try the mantra japa themselves and incase if they are not able to perform, we help them with poor brahmin on a mutual help basis.

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(India code 0091) 0-99 44 88 88 86 / 87540 10850